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Heidoran of Numenor

The Heidoran are a modest group of combatants employed to protect the lands of Numenor from the countless evils of the world. Their task is to provide the striking blows needed to decimate the armies of Mordor, and to vigilantly guard against the deceit and injustice that preys upon the race of men.


Fighting Style

Heidoran is first and foremost a spear and glaive unit. Its fighting techniques are best suited to large-scale line battles, and are truly devastating in the scenario of a bridge battle. While often required to engage in skirmish-type fighting, the unit usually prefers to maintain some of the line-battle technique by fighting in squads of 2, 3, or 4 members, pairing at least one sheild man with a pole-arm. This configuration is evident in the unit's insignia: a Polearm between two shields with another shield guarding the flank. (the star symbolizes the unit's dedication to the realm of Numenor)

In very large-scale battles, the unit will offer its pole-arm bearing members to the heavily armored units (such as the Uruk-Hai). This provides the needed defense for a pole-arm, while he/she can in turn greatly increase the range, inflicted damage, and sheer intimidation of the armored unit.

Heidoran is divided into Cohorts, each led by a Heidoran Sergeant. Currently there are 2 cohorts: the Cohort of the Phoenix, led by Pitch Black, and Cohort of the Lion, led by Kitsune.


The Beginning

Heidoran was formed at the behest of Sir Kegg of Numenor, under the leadership of Haardgrim Bonebreaker roughly around the turn of the Millenia. It was established as a permanent realm-based unit with the intent of complimenting the already-existing Army of Numenor. The few men who could be rounded up by Haardgrim were trained in the use of pole-arms and given the colors of the Army with a new insignia to call their own. Though not a very large group, it soon gained recognition in it's devastating strikes using spears and glaives.

Growth and Prosperity

The unit grew as the sport of foam fighting gained popularity in the community and at the University of Illinois. Haardgrim soon went on his way to Denmark (his home country) to establish Belegarth as an international sport. He left leadership of the group in the hands of Borric conDoin, a fellow student and aspiring unit member. Borric rallied more men (and women) to the unit and instilled a sense of martial aggressiveness in the unit with intensive training in line-marches, line-holds, offensive charges, offensive retreats, and the like. The Heidoran unit gained increased respect in the eyes of Numenoreans as its small squads of 3-4 fighters would be able to inflict heavy damage when placed within a line or sent after heavy-armored units.

Branching Out

Soon, Borric left to study abroad, leaving the leadership of the group to A'Layl, a collegue from the early days of Heidoran. The group continued to gain members here and there, and tried to round out its capabilities with shield men and armored fighters. The unit increased its attendance at national events and soon made friends in many of the realms of the Midwest. Alliances and shared-campsites abounded in these days of social gregariousness. N1947073 31228181 8011.jpg

A shrinking and regrowing unit

A'Layl left the Heidoran in pursuit of a lifestyle of political freedom.

In early Spring of 2006, Macintosh, glaivesman of Heidoran, was offered the role of Captain by A'Layl. Macintosh accepted the role with enthusiasm, but with the knowledge that this position had great responsibility. With the retirement of A'Layl and the moving on of three other fighters, the ranks of Heidoran were very low in number at this time. There was hope however that the unit would prosper.


Macintosh decided it was time to move on, leaving Iron Duck as the new Captain of Heidoran. Iron Duck has continued to push Heidoran forward and has outlined new goals for Heidoran (1) Build and maintain a friendly Unit (2) Build the skill of its members through training with varied weapons. (3) Maintain a presence on the field in fighting and Realm duties.

As of Fall 2008 fight under the three shields in service of Numenor:

  • Iron Duck
  • Pitch Black
  • Siafu
  • Irenicus
  • Meta
  • Jester
  • Deithus
  • Spartacus
  • Varg

The Heidoria at Numenor Opener 2008, along with a few brothers from TDK


Elendial, Ventus, Kitsune, Jester, Matthias, Mac, Rohan, Zoot, Sparticus, Animus, Pitch Black, Iron Duck, and Rose with Heidoran's new flag curtesy of Bronek.

The Heidoria at Spring War 2008

(Pictured left to right: Kitsune, Pitch Black, Irenicus, and Rose)

Heidoran at Armageddon 2008

Left to Right: Agnarr, Pitch Black, Macintosh, Irenicus, Kitsune, Jester


Heidoran at Armageddon 2008...the silly pic

Left to Right: Agnarr, Pitch Black, Jester, Kitsune; Prone: Irenicus, Macintosh

Irenicus after his Barrel and official induction into Heidoran. Welcome Brother!

Left to Right: Pitch Black - Sergeant sponsor, Irenicus, Macintosh - Captain

Pitch Black - Sergeant sponsor, Irenicus


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