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Drago at Ocktoberfest 2010


Fighter Information

Fighting name: Drago Darkheart
Race: Chaos Bugbear
Realm: Loderia/Muxlovia
Real name: Constantine Triantafillou
Favorite fighting style: Sword/flail/bat and board/polearms/Red swords
Unit:House Hellhammer

  • Sponsored by Sir Dameon Orcenfol
  • Barreled at Armageddon 2010
  • Northern House Hellhammer
  • Follower of Nurgle and Khorne

Sub-Unit:The Kamakazi Water Melon's


Character history of Drago Darkheart

Soon to come

Koz, Drago (Cos), and Kazi at Ocktoberfest 2013. Photo by Maria Raducanu

Character history of Zyrok Burnsledge

One of the few Uruk-hai to escape after the battle of Helms Deep, Zyrok sat alone, secluded. He moved from town to town, doing his best to stay alive.Needing companionship, the lone Uruk had found one of many books in the abandoned Isengard tower. He did his best, and tried to educate himself. After his readings, he gathered what he needed, and left Isengard. Comming across a goblin named Zephyr, he found an ally. Of course there was many a strifes afterwards, but the two eventually put aside their differences when a group of humans had tried to exterminate them. No one liked his kind because of what they had done, but he would not be stopped by humans. They noticed a woman and a child near Zyrok's place of birth, but did not harm them. They merely watched, and waited. In time, They left their watchings, and fought as mercenaries for a long time. Having no where to go, They headed back to Isengard, only to find six Uruk-hai there; Lagato, Bosh, Dukker, Toki, Shroom, and Caboose. The seven banded together and searched for where they might be welcome. Fighting for their lives and for each other, the eight Uruks came across a half-orc named V-hil, and his small brigade. Quickly, the eight joined with him, feeling welcome with their monstrous bretheren. As their symbol, the eight chose a hammer, for it resembled to them great power and destruction.

Time passed on and soon the WarBand moved and seperated. To this day, Zyrok does not know what has happened to many of his bretheren. Whilst travelling unknown lands, a strange opponent with a large, curved weapon approached the Uruk. The two opposing races were quickly subjected to engage one another in combat. A monstrous breed of Orc against a Bugbear bearing the Chaos Star. The fight was even for a each other for what seemed like hours. Each warrior, as tough as they come were nearly feeling each other out. Carelessly swinging at one another, testing out strength and defense. The fighting was halled to an abrut stop.

"What's your name?"

Drago bringing the sacrifice (Caleidah) forward to HoRdE
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