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Sir Angmarth
Sir Angmarth
Sir Angmarth
Sir Angmarth
Sir Angmarth

Sir Angmarth, High King of Arnor

Realm: Arnor, formerly of Numenor

Units: Knights of Numenor

In the mundane world, Angmarth is known as Mike Hockaday. In the world of Belegarth, he is the High King of Arnor. Angmarth began his swordfighting career in Numenor during the Spring 1998 after much badgering from his friend Gregg (Sir Kegg of Numenor) Larson. It took about a year and a half for Kegg to badger him into coming to the field, citing things such as. "You played sports, you are gonna love this!" Angmarth has become one of the oldest active (read as running around the field with 50 lbs. of gear effectively) warriors of the BMCS.

In the fall of 1998 (early October) Angmarth became his friend's squire. After roughly a year and a half, in April 2000, he was knighted by the KoN (Knights of Numenor) and became an official member of the ruling council. In the summer of 2000 Angmarth (along with his then squire Carn and his brother Daemarth) founded the St. Louis realm of Arnor. Arnor was among the original realms of Belegarth, founded in 2001 following the split with Dagorhir.

Angmarth serves the BMCS, "boffering" and medieval reenactment on a larger stage. Along with many of the other high ranking BMCS officials and employees of Edhellen Armoury, he spreads the good word at conventions and other venues. Garnering publicity from newpapers (LA Times 2003), television (G4 most every year) and radio when they can this group does its best to serve the greater good by spreading the word to all it can reach.

The Atanatarion (Legendarium of the Fathers of Men)

In the last days of Numenor, when the lands were overrun with Sauron's minions and filled with temples to Morgoth, Sir Kegg chose a friend to become his squire. They had fought side by side in 2 campaigns and Sir Kegg felt that Angmarth deserved the honored chance to become one of Numenor's elite. With the approval of the Knight's Council, Angmarth's ordeal had begun. After many successful ventures to the lands of Numenor's enemies, Angmarth was brought before the circle of Numenor and recieved his title.

Sir Angmarth, looked at the lands around him and despaired. The knights were caught up in petty squabbles and the peasants were bowing down to evil. Numenor was filled with the foul teachings of Morgoth and Sir Kegg was contemplating a sail to the west. It was then that the great catastrophe occurred. Spurred on by the dark whispers of Sauron, the men of Numenor attacked Valinor to no avail. In the aftermath the gods sank Numenor and the few remaining faithful sailed to middle earth without a home. Sir Angmarth established a new kingdom, the realm of Arnor. One which could be both a great kingdom in its own right, and a legacy to the greatness of Numenor.

Not all things would be easy for the new kingdom. Soon the dark shadow of Sauron began to creep its way into Arnor in the guise of wisdom. An old man visited the new king, Sir Angmarth, and claimed that he could interpret dreams and predict that which would come to pass. At first the king was suspicious, but the old man seemed to have the wisdom of Gandalf the Grey and soon proved that his power was indeed as great as he claimed. The kingdom prospered and the king became more and more dependant on the soothsayer. Then came the time when the shadows crept closer. The soothsayer came to Angmarth and informed him that his time to go had come. The king was greatly distraught, as he did not want to lose his most valuable asset. He begged and pleaded with the old man until at last the soothsayer made him a bargain. He would leave an item of power with the king, one that would allow him to tap into the strange magics of the old man. Sir Angmarth swore an oath of secrecy to Eru. With his oath complete the old man gave Angmarth a ring, a ring of power. With his newfound power the king continued to rule Arnor successfully, but the rings grip on his heart would slowly begin to tighten. Sauron had brought his shadow to Arnor.

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