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Zi'Gor does indeed not fuck around.


Realm: Khazad-Dum
Real Name: Brian Bower
Started: Spring 2001
Unit: Horde
Trusted Warrior to: Spike
Weapon of Choice: Sword and board
Titles: Undefeated Slap You Champ

He been to Taiwaan, Moscow, Canada, he been to London, he beat dem angry little Chinamen, and after that, he went to France because he was real tired and they so easy. Went to hell and slapped Satan on the ass and told him "Make me a sandwich...BITCH!" And Satan ran off to get that man a sandwich. In his second week in the world of slap you he went Asia, Bangkok, Cuba (thats Cuba not Kuba.) He went to Chicago, Germany, Brazil, Chile, Ethiopia... He tries to be an equal opportunity Slap You Champ. Don King wants to represent him but he said "hell no, you don't represent nothing but punks." He been to Canada again, Jamaica and next he is coming to your house!

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