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The Northern Steppes is a realm based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. We are a tight-knit family focused on fighting, feasting, and family. To those that are loyal to the Chieftain travel in the War Band and the Chieftain is loyal to them in turn. Please join us on Facebook and Discord to contact us!


Realm Information

Realm Name: The Northern Steppes
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Practice Information:
Founded in Belegarth: June 1st 2021
Originally Founded as a Dagorhir Chapter in 2004"

Contact Information

Contact Person: Sir Kaigar “Fred Niehoff”
Contact Email:



Listed in order of succession

Sir Kaigar, Chieftain, at Gathering of the Clans 2015
  • Chieftain:
    • Sir Kaigar Vegulfr Grimgarixsonr McBadass, Twice Belted

The Cheiftain leads his War Band into the battle. Brave and true you can always spot the Chieftain at the fore of the charge. Both on and off the field the Chieftain takes care of his War Band and leads with honor. In the Northern Steppes we elect our Chieftain amongst our Blooded Members. They must be the best that we have to offer, not just on the field, but off the field as well.

The Chieftain fulfills the charter requirements as Administrator. In the case that no other leaders are available or elected to fulfill a responsibility, they fall to the Chieftain.

The Hand is the voice and executor of the Chieftain’s authority. Carrying the banner into battle the Hand shows his steadfast dedication by always keeping beside the Chieftain regardless of how thick the fighting gets. If the Chieftain shall fall, the Hand shall take his place and continue the fight. As he is the Second-in-Command a Hand of the Chieftain must be of the same caliber and quality of the Chieftain so that he can take his place. The Hand of the Chieftain is also voted on by the blooded members and therefore represents the Northern Steppes in all he does.

The Hand of the Chieftain fulfills the charter requirements as Administrative Assistant.

Magnus Broadaxe, Hand of the Chieftain at Gathering of the Clans 2015

While the Chieftain leads the charge and the Hand hoists the banner, the Seneschal has a tight grip on the rains. An army marches on it’s stomach and fodder is purchased with coin. It is the job of the Seneschal to manage the coffers and keep track of the War Band’s vast wealth. Yet the Seneschal is not relegated to the sidelines, the Seneschal is a fierce warrior and she is often scene charging into the fray with a fury. The Seneschal is also voted on by the blooded members and therefore represents the Northern Steppes in all she does.

The Seneschal/Treasurer fulfills the charter requirements of Bookkeeper.

Along with the Seneschal the Quartermaster is one of the cornerstones of the Realm. It is his duty to keep log of the personnel in the War Band and the War Band’s equipment. If equipment is lost or damaged it is his duty to fix it, and if there is an influx of new membership it is his responsibility to purchase a reasonable amount of equipment. It is also his responsibility to maintain and update the records of the realm. As one of the few members of the War Band who is learned in his letters he also takes notes at all meetings. The Quartermaster is also voted on by the blooded members and therefore represents the Northern Steppes in all he does.

  • Warden
    • VACANT

It is the role of the Warden to try and recruit new members for the War Band. Along with recruiting the Warden also helps equip and train new members to become effective warriors. In addition to these roles the Warden ensures the security of the camp by assigning watches. The Warden also tracks and promotes the proficiency system within the Steppes in order to increase the prowess and prestige of its members and the War Band as a whole. The Warden is also voted on by the blooded members and therefore represents the Northern Steppes in all they do.

The Warden fulfills the real-world role of Head of Security

  • Event Coordinator
    • VACANT

Whenever the Steppes has a gathering it is the role of the Event Coordinator to gather the masses. Upon guidance from the Chieftain they plan any and all activities for the War Band during these events. The event coordinator is entrusted with the ability to delegate parts of their authority on other members to help ease their burden. The Event Coordinator is also voted on by the blooded members and therefore represents the Northern Steppes in all they do.

  • Webmaster
    • VACANT

In these strange times some of the members of our War Band and potential recruits can be found through a strange magic called the web. This person is responsible for maintaining our page, and translates its information for the Chieftain. The Webmaster is also voted on by the blooded members and therefore represents the Northern Steppes in all they do.

  • Public Relations Coordinator
    • VACANT

In order to ensure that authorities outside the Realm do not try to meddle in our affairs the Chieftain decided to make that the job of a select member of the War Band. This person is responsible for handling our image to the public and making sure that the Steppes are portrayed in a good light at all times. The Public Relations Coordinator is also voted on by the blooded members and therefore represents the Northern Steppes in all they do.

The Northern Steppes at War! 2017, photo credit Silverleaf Photography

War Band


Blooded Members

These members have paid their dues both in sweat and coin to the Cheiftain and the realm. These members will be given voting rights and special privileges with our suppliers. Members will be able to buy equipment at a reduced rate from our preferred armory, Forged Foam. Members will also be given a discount at purchasing clothing from our preferred sewist at Saewyn’s Bazaar.


All are welcome in the Steppes even without an investment of coin. These members are still loyal to the Cheiftain, but as they have not paid their dues they are not proffered voting rights

Units of the Steppes

The Brotherhood of the Falcon is a unit within Belegarth whose membership spans from east coast to west coast. We were founded in the realm of Dur Demarian in 1991 CE along with its brother units: The Elite Blood Falcons, The Dark Angels, The Church of Tara, and The Knights of Justice. For more info visit our website!

Finding Faith Among the Faithless

“We are those who fight and slay the dragon and the enemies from the north. We are Dragoons… ash to ash, dust to dust..." The Legion of the Dragoons is a fighting company of friends, a brotherhood that protects our own on and off the field of battle.

The Rangers of Ithilien are the chosen scouts and skirmishers of King Ellesar and Prince Faramir. Led by the Lord Marshal, Timmourne Darkwater we are the first to be sent to keep the enemies of the Reunited Kingdom of Gondor at bay. The Lord Marshal has made multiple Companies in order to divide his Rangers based off of area of interest, and the White Company is in charge of the safety of the Northern Steppes and surrounding areas. Family, loyalty, and honor are the most important tenants of the White Company, and all are welcome at our fire!

    • Point of Contact:
      • Sir Berenor, Lieutenant and acting Captain of the White Company

Orders of the Steppes

The Knightly Order of The Flumenus Lux is a modern day knighthood that traces our roots back for decades. We are a a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to good works and good people. Personal development, service to others, and good works are the values we strive for.

The Heraldry of the Knightly Order of the Flumenus Lux

The Order of Hyborea (herein referred to as The Order) is a multi gaming Household and Unit all rolled into one. As a Knightly Order, to join is an honor bestowed only to those that uphold the values of Knighthood. To be part of the Order is a life of service. We are dedicated to the improvement of our Kingdom and the betterment of our societies by engaging in beneficial activities and providing a constructive influence for all the populace, not just within the Order.

Shield of the Order of Hyborea


Sir Kaigar 2019, photo credit Silverleaf Photography

The Proficiency Process

All members of the Steppes will be able to prove their prowess to others both in and out of the Realm by testing for various levels of proficiencies both on and off the field of battle. Base proficiency in each style awards the fighter with a braided cord in the designated colors. A fighter may use borrowed weapons to complete the initial rank, but Adept and Master ranks require the fighter to own the weapon style needed. In order to try for a proficiency a blooded member must follow these steps:

  1. Speak to Leadership about training to pass desired proficiency, or to learn more about the RP/Non-Com Classes. They will go over the requirements for what you are interested in and either practice with you or point you in the direction of someone to train with.
  2. Return to Leadership with the approval of the Warden/Seneschal, and request to test for the desired proficiency.
  3. You will fight 1 on 1 with a designated fighter of the required skill level. You will be observed by Leadership, who will make sure you are competent and safe with the weapon style.
    1. Noncombatants will demonstrate their skill or submit their work to the leadership for review.
  4. You will then continue with the rest of the trials with the weapon style you are testing for, per the standards and requirements listed in this document.
    1. Noncombatants will be given critique on their skill and be given the decision of the leadership on their skill.
  5. If you pass the tests, you will be awarded the appropriate accolade at the following month’s KGC. For the base level styles, you will be able to test as many ranks in one gathering as you want. For the advanced styles, you will only be able to test for one rank per gathering. If you have not passed the test, you will not be able to retest until the next gathering (Unless at an event when if available you may test every day of the event). You may test as many different styles in a gathering as we are able to provide appropriate challenges.

Weapon Proficiencies

Sir Meatwolf fighting Faelindir formerly known as Loaf at Return II Moria 2022. THE DERP WILL NEVER DIE!!

These are the building blocks of the combat classes. There are three levels to each proficiency:

  1. Proficient
  2. Adept
  3. Master

Members can gain various levels of proficiency in the following weapon styles:

  • Single Sword
  • Sword & Board
  • Dual Wield
  • Flail
  • Two-Handed Weapon (Under 6 ft.)
  • Spear
  • Polearm (6 ft. and up)
  • Dagger
  • Javelin
  • Archery

Basic Combatant Classes

  • Peasant
    • This is the basic rank all participants start off with in the Northern Steppes
    • Must have waiver on file
  • Savage*
    • Must have waiver on file
    • Must have membership dues paid
    • First Rank in Single Sword / Sword & Board /Rock / Javelin
    • Alternatively Start a Non-Combatant Class
  • Harbinger
    • Must be Savage Rank
    • Must own veteran level garb
    • Achieve first rank in all proficiencies OR reach second rank in a Non-Combat Class

Advanced & Prestige Combatant Classes

  • Scout
  • Soldier
  • Thief

Non-Combatant Classes

  • Maester
  • Herald
  • Magistrate
  • Armorsmith
  • Entertainer
  • Black Smith
  • Bookbinder
  • Brewer
  • Candlemaker
  • Clothier
  • Cook
  • Fletcher
  • Foamsmith
  • Herbalist
  • Leatherworker
  • Medic
  • Merchant
  • Silversmith
  • Weaponsmith
  • Woodworker

Made by Sir Berenor

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