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Sir Nickel The Crusader


Other Titles: Knight of the OldCastle, The True Krysh of Clan Guttermaw, Figurehead of House Hellion, Champion of The Gladiator Pits, Abbot of the Willow, 'Knight' of Uwulfpack, Hunter of the Great Hunt, Bane of Tiamat, Collector of Titles.

Race: Once a Mannhaar Gnoll, Now Uplifted by the Schemes of Tzeentch into something greater.
Realm: Castle Goldentooth
Unit: Unaffiliated
Other Affiliations: The Great Hunt, The Juggernauts

About: Nickel was once a Mannhaar Gnoll in the Highlands of Chaos, Until He Was Uplifted by eldritch invocations into something greater. While he is always willing to help at a moment's notice, he prefers to "delegate" to his rotating roster of minions. Nickel Spent his younger years as A Worshipper of the Demon Prince Yeenoghu, believing in brutality on the battlefield. Anything less than his best is not good enough. This pushed him to greaster heights and into the view of more powerful entities... And his eventual ascension.

Lore:From Nickel's time as a Gnoll, not much lore exists, outside of rumors passed around of his monstrous exploits. Thankfully some of these exploits have been inscribed by bards or spat out from the frothing mouths of other gnolls. This tale was was chronicled by Quinn:

"Nickel The Gladiator"
"Gnoll known for many thing, but known for fighting best. Gnoll love blood and smash and kill, so any gnoll who do this really well get story and inspire other gnoll. One gnoll like this be Nickel of Guttermaw clan. Many moon ago, he participate in gladiator pit run by mysterious group call, “God Squad.” It pretty simple in way: you take a bunch of fighter, make them fight in many different way, and whoever do best (and who crowd like most), get special prize. In some way, it not so simple, though.

When Nickel enter, many pinky overlook him because he monster. This their first mistake. Nickel prove to be fierce competitor, especially in many game of gladiator pit. One require fighter to beat private bits of opponent into submission. Nickel do good at this one. Another have fighter eat entire live chicken before they can fight enemy. As very hungry gnoll, Nickel very good at this. Other game require fighter to be dizzy before they attack. Since gnoll fight in many place and time, this pretty easy for Nickel, too.

So, with roar of crowd, Nickel and a few other have to wrestle, unarmed, to final prize. They must attack each other, mercenary hire by God Squad, and even fire. With grit, determination, and sharp claw, Nickel first to prize. Though other fighter try to take it, Nickel beat them back. Prize is sword, after all. Because he do this, Nickel bring pride to gnoll, and still have sword to this day."

This endeavor was Chronicled by Skald, Bard of the Juggernauts.

"Nickel, Bane of Tiamat"

"It has been my experience that if one can befriend a gnoll -and not die in the process-, they will become among the most stalwart of allies and steadfast of friends. They will watch your back and fearlessly charge into danger with a reckless abandon that can only be described as "gnollish." Such is my experience with my friend Nickel.

While out on the open field with a great many brave warriors; Nickel, Beta, and I found ourselves beset upon by Tiamat. Yes. The monstrous dragon goddess had come to claim the souls of as many warriors as possible. Fiery breath and poisoned claw were the least of our problems. As any scholar or bard worth their salt will tell you, only a strong blow to the armored heart of the great dragon itself will kill the beast. Many were slain in the battle and many, like myself and my compatriots, took shelter behind trees and rocks from the awesome power of the creature. But in the chaos, Beta and I were caught in the open and were gravely injured, I having lost the ability to use my right arm, and he his left. Nickel was ever vigilant in the melee, however. After pulling me behind the cover of a tree, he watched as more fell around us - "pinky" and "monster" alike to the sheer power of the creature.

Nickel was not fazed.

He looked me in the eyes with the determination of a predator on the hunt and demanded my spear. I gave it to him and grabbed a shield in an attempt to assist him, but by the time I turned around to charge the beast with him, Nickel was already moving; dodging the swipes of the monstrous Tiamat. I watched him, the furry bastard, and he leapt through the air with tongue flying out of his maw as he drove that spear right between the bony plates of the dragon goddess' wretched heart.

Nickel stood tall above the carcass of the beast and let what I can only assume is a hearty laugh. He let out a great yell, and it was known that no one had killed like Nickel that day. I looked at my fearless and beastial companion in a new light that day. Not only had he won the day, he protected me in the process. I was more than happy to lend him my spear, but I cannot say I could have done what he did. He certainly is the most "gnollish" gnoll, I have ever seen. I am proud to count him among my allies, but more importantly I'm happy to count him as a friend."

Weapons of Choice: Sword and Board, Single Blue, Red polearm

Fighting Since: 2011

Events Attended: Twald7 Chaos XIIX OpenerXIX Thaw Brawl'15 War of Forbidding'15 Chaos Wars XIX Twald 9 SamHain'15 Frozen Warriors 2 Frozen Warriors 3 OpenerXX ThawBrawl'16 War of Forbidding'16 Twald'16 Chaos Opener '17 (Needs updated)

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