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Fighter name: Apprentice Krash (formerly Mithras)

Mundane name: Davie Crash

Started fighting: Sometime in 2010

Realm: Sunspear

Unit: N/A

House: The New Order, House Little Smokies , House Killganon

EFS: Strumms (its hard to find a good bass player)

Race: Kobold

Kobold titles: The Chafed (don't ask)

Other titles: Master of The New Order, Daddy Fuck me up, Librarian of the Guilds, Knight of Wildwood

Events attended:

Silica Vale 2015

War of Wrath 2015

Battle for the Ring 2016

Raid of Skyreach 2016

War of Wrath 2016

Seige of Sunspear 2017

Silica Vale 2017

Battle for the ring 2018

War of Wrath 2018

Battle for the Ring 2019

Krash (as he is known now) was born in Moseewaa and spent many years in tunnel Q subsection 3.

He got bored and decided to leave the tunnels and see the surface. In his travels he met many interesting people.

A Hobgoblyn that he fought beside many times

A Kajit merchant that gave him the heebie jeebies

A Tengu that taught him to use a sword

And a Night goblin who he fall madly in love with.

As he traveled he saw that the surface people had many shinies and he had to have them. Many fought back when he tried to take them so he started killing them first. he was approached by a strange person who told him they would pay him in shinies to kill people to take there shinies. so it was a win win. he grew through the ranks of this organization to become a Speaker Of The Hand of The Dark Brotherhood.

Krash is also know to be a quite accomplished bard. If ever you wish to hear a jaunty tune ask him. But be warned if you ask for wonder wall he is know to throw the nearest item at the person who requested it.

Interesting facts: Krash has never invented a item in his life. But many ideas…Existential dread? Your welcome.

Krash And Kgaelgart
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