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Kazi has powers.


Status: Witch Doctor and Khadine
Race: Goblyns
Realm: Nan Belegorn Chamonix Tir Asleen
Real Name: Kazi
Started: June 2001
Unit: Hell Hammer and Horde

Weapon of Choice: Sword and Shield


Kazi is determined to maintain the tradition of the Goblins in Belegarth.

In order to preserve the lore of the goblyns, he established the modern Goblyn Witch Doctor title, following in the tradition of Skrade Wormwood, one of the original five goblyns from Dur-Demarion.

In order to preserve the fighting traditions of the goblyns, he established new trials and in 2015 became the first Goblyn Khadine since Khadine Kudzu in 1998.

Kazi's Khadine Crossroads:


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