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General Information

Blackfen Realm Flag

Full Member Belt Flag

Official Name: Realm of Blackfen

Heraldry: Craobh Beatha (pronounced krowv bay-hah) or 'Tree of Life' on a Heater Shield, on a horizontal halved field of Crimson and Black

Location: 2 Service Rd, Henryville, IN 47126

Membership: Approx. 11

Founded: January 16th, 2020

Blackfen is a kindgom of lowland marshes spread among squat river valleys. Half of the kingdom is low grassy hills, but the commerce takes place along the banks of the River Allegane. It's name is derived from the dark clay that dominates the soil of the river banks and its mire-like flora and fauna. It enjoys hot, humid summers and mild winters, when the marshes are bone dry. In the Spring and Autumn, however, is the wet season. This time of year, the swamps are bogged by water as the River Allegane overflows and swallows the entirety of the lowlands.

As a result of the marshy climate, Blackfen soldiers are typically lightly armored and carry light weaponry. Their fighters prefer the agility and dexterity allowed by light loads. Hot summer winds can create intense periods of drought and intense heat, which leaves little desire for heavy fighters.


Current Units

The Morningstar Order settled in this realm as of 2016, as Carden Coburn was the founder of both and brought the then-empty unit with him. It was revitalized as of 2020.

Prospective Units

None yet.


Carden Coburn - Founder

Practice Info

When: 2:00pm to 6:30pm on Saturdays

Where: Clark State Forest Park; 2 Service Rd, Henryville, IN 47126

Weather: Always practice in fair weather, volunteer basis in rain or under 40 degrees. No practice in snow or lightning.

Typical Practice: 2-6 fighters

Traditions: Bear Pit to set off practice, one round of "Take me to Valhalla" at end of practice.

Local Rules Variants

In-House Games

"Take me to Valhalla" -

  • This game set is similar to Warlord, except with a Norse twist.
  • There are four teams in this game, one called "Jotun", one called "Aesir", and two teams called "Mundane".
  • Split all fighters off into two even teams. These are the Mundane teams. The first to die valiantly (face-to-face with an opponent) on each side step out to become Aesir. The second fighter on each side to die valiantly on each side become Jotun. Any who die dishonorably (hit from the back or while running away) or after the Aesir and Jotun have been selected have to walk to the edge of the field to come back.
  • The Aesir and Jotun cannot die or lose limbs to Mundane fighters, only to each other. When Aesir or Jotun kill each other, they have to walk back to their respective zones of "Asgard" and "Jotunheim" and count to thirty out loud.
  • The Goal of the Aesir is to get all the Mundane fighters to Valhalla. The Goal of the Jotun is to get all Mundane fighters to Hel.
  • Any Mundane that the Aesir or the Jotun kill join that respective team as either "Valkyries" or "Giants". Any fighters killed by either side are absorbed into the killing team. When the Aesir kill all Giants, or the Jotun Kill all Valkyries, that team wins.
  • This game was created as a way to lengthen Warlord and use it as a closer for each practice.


Current Members

Title - Name - Status - Unit - Rank

Baron - Carden Coburn - Active - North Star Order - First Sergeant

Seneschal - Arthur Coburn - Active - North Star Order - Sergeant

Scribe - None - N/A - N/A - N/A

Member - Zim Zombie - Inactive - North Star Order - Sergeant

Member - Night - Active - North Star Order - Lineman

Member - Freya - Active - North Star Order - Linewoman

Member - No-Name - Active - North Star Order - Lineman

Member - Skullcrusher - Active - North Star Order - Lineman

Member - Shepherd - Active - None - N/A

Member - Steph - Active - None - N/A

Member - Micah - Active - None - N/A

Member - Slendy - Active - None - N/A

Contact Info


Contact Email:

Contact Number: (502)936-3880

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