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General Information

There are as many names for the fair folk as there are cultures in the world - fae, fairy, fianna, sídhe, and on and on. The fae often live in realms hidden from other species, and cross over only to dole out favor or fury. The fae are widely regarded as tricksters. Any interactions with them should be treated with extreme caution and entering deals with them is inadvisable.

Some fae delight in tricking non-fae into eating their food, trapping the victims in the fae realm forever. Others will coax non-fae into playing mundane games with dire consequences.

Unlisted Types of Fae (and Fae Adjacents)

-Brownie [1]
-Faun [2]
-Nuckelavee [3]
-Nymph [4]
-Púca (pooka) [5]
-Satyr [6]
-Siren [7]
-Spriggon [8]
-Sprite [9]

Are Fae Monsters?

Some prominent scholars believe that the Fae could be considered their own "subtype" of monster, at least from the perspective of humanity. However, it is likely that the traditional "barbaric" monsters would not agree with that assessment.

Fae Courts

The most common fae courts are Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, Seelie and Unseelie, and Dark and Light.

Though the fae rarely adhere to a world that is black and white, the Fall, Winter, Unseelie, and Dark fae are often considered to be evil. The Spring, Summer, Seelie, and Light fae are typically considered to be good. More accurately, the Unseelie court and its relatives tend to live by nature and show less tolerance for those outside of their own kind, while the Seelie court and its relatives tend to live by the law and are less hostile to outsiders.

Fae who are loyal to the courts of the seasons are most powerful during their season, and cross the veil between worlds more frequently at that time. For other species, this is the best time fo commune with the fae of that court, but always at their own risk.


Appearances of the fae vary wildly. Many of them appear human, or almost human to outsiders. Many choose not to conform for the comfort of other humanoid species, and present as their natural forms. They are often marked by distinctions of their sub-species.

Known Fae

Name Fae Type Realm
Acorn Dusk Devil Pyke
Aine SilverSun Shapeshifter Stygia
Athyina Nyhtë Changeling
Aylin Dryad Korriban
Beatriz Faery Stygia
Blossom Fairy, Siren Saracor
The Dread Pirate Jin Pixie Stygia
Emeldir Talrein Selkie Stygia
Eui the Faun Fallen Faun Stygia
Faer Changeling
Fievel Pooka Shadowlands
Galaxy Unicorn Barad'dun
Geneva Animal Fairy
Ilya Merfolk Sword Coast
Laoghaire Fey Dur Demarion
Mouring Fae Stygia
Nakita Changeling
Rocca Dusk Devil Babylon Empire
Roksis Changeling
Rosiebubbles Half-Fairy, Princess of the Fairies Masyaf
Sage Dullahan
Tainen Wolfpine Forest Spirit Stygia
Unicorn Unicorn Andor
Voss Water Dusk Devil Tir na nOg Pyke
Zephyr (Lux) Nymph

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