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Blossom of Saracor

Other Titles: Sweets, Aquathot, Bwassom, B-Dissi, & B

Race: Human, Fairy, Siren

Started Fighting: 2013 on and off. Got serious and consistent by September 2014

Current Realm: Saracor & Mallenorod (occasionally visits realms in Southern California)

Previous Realms: Armored Penguins and Grey Haven

Fighting Style: S&B and occasional archery

Additional Information:

  • -Founder/Creator of the Bella Dancers
  • -Co-leader of the fairy court alongside with Princess Rosiebubbles
  • -Active siren with the aquathots
  • -Founder/creator & in charge of Blossom's Beauty Boutique
  • -Assists/active in Disney princess activities
  • -Supports questers at events
  • -One of the "girliest" fighters you'll approach
  • -Will make you laugh
  • -Has a resting b**** face

Events attended:

  • -War of Wrath (4)
  • -Harvest (3)
  • -Battle for the Ring (4).
  • -Phoenix Rising (3)
  • -Silica Vale (2)
  • -Chaos Wars (1)
  • -Western Wars (1)


  • "It'll be okay in the end. If it's not okay now, it's not the end. So keep fighting!"
  • "Hon"
  • "Wanna go to Starbucks?"
  • "Hey gorgeous/beautiful soul/pretty lady"
  • "Bellas!"
  • "We all have inner beauty/inner strength. Its up to you to find your own, not someone else's"
  • "Show me to the kitchen please!"
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