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A male and female changeling in their natural form

Please note that Changelings are going through major changes and a rewrite. For info go to the official Facebook page and ask for Athyina Nyhtë, Faer, Roksis, or Nakita.


Nobody knew how changelings came into the world, how they came to be, or even how long they have existed until a set of scrolls were found in the ruins of Grundar. This race was created by the Cennads who are the mother and father of all, and have existed for as long as the world itself has. Changelings are shapechangers that have long lived in average society going unnoticed until the day when a changeling finally revealed his true nature, this changeling's name is Kraesh.

Physical Qualities

Changelings, in their natural form, are known for being thin and lanky. The agility and speed of Changelings makes them good archers and skirmishers. In their natural forms, Changelings have chalky pale skin that almost looks plain white. A changeling's hair also shares this quality, hardly ever having any color, and if it does it is usually just a tint of some odd color, such as purple or pink. One of the main identifiers of a changeling is a purple streak in their hair that stays even when shifted into another race. Some people say that the eyes of a changeling are the most strange thing about them. Sunken in and fairly large, a changeling's eyes are emphasized by a smaller than usual nose. If they have a mutated gene they will look almost like a pair of plain white globes inside of their sockets. If they are not mutated they are larger than with more white than normal.

If you are interested in the full lore of this race go ahead and look through this google document. This is the layout for the website being worked on.

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