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Full name: Áine (Ahn-yuh) SilverSun, she/her

Real name: Brianna Kienitz

Race: Raven shifter fae

Fighting since: August 2012

Realm: Stygia (Seneschal, 2019)

Unit: Seraphim of Stars

Fighting styles: Sword and board, florentine

Mistress-at-arms to Sir Oroku Norinaga, 2012-August 2013

Page to Sir Oroku Norinaga, Chaos Wars XVII, August 2013-May 2019

Page of the Order of the High Code, March 2019-May 2019

Retainer to Sir Thiadric Thumbs, June 2019-July 2019

Squire to Sir Thiadric Thumbs, July 2019-Present

Member of the Seneschal Guild

Events attended: Sam Hain VIII, Chaos Wars XVII, Stygia Kill and Grill I, Frozen Warriors 2018, Highlands of Chaos Opener 2019, Thaw Brawl 2019, War of the Gate 2019, Chaos Wars XXIII

The one who comes dancing out of the moonlit woods with stories on her soul and a smile on her face.

If you want her to stop dancing, you'll have to take her legs.

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