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The Pixie

What they are: Pixies are small mischevious "little people". With out wings they love to meddle in affairs of others making others' lives just a little tougher. They are believed to have been of Celtic lore the creatures a mix of Picts and the Banshees.

What Relevance to Belegarth: Pixies are relevant to Belegarth and the Foam fighting world because they are not a monster nor human and as their lore goes they were not good enough for heaven or hell so thusly they were made to be here on earth. They of celtic lore and should rightly be veiwed as a creature of the field. For those of us who would rather not be a monster and don't really want choose a good or bad side I think the pixie should be a perfect spot. A race that could possibly be for beginners. I think it should be given a chance.

Known Pixies:



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