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The "Sword Coast" refers to Ventura County, California.

Established: November 2009

Units represented:

Club/Realm Officers:

  • Talon Blackwolfe, Founder, Club President, 1st King of the Sword Coast, First Realm Representative to the Belegarth War Council. Lord Marshal.
  • Tristin Blackwolfe, (aka T-Bird), Club Vice President, Second Realm Representative to the Belegarth War Council. Field Marshal.
  • Lord Mac, Club Meetings Coordinator, General

Titled Non Combatants:

  • Lady Susan Blackwolfe, Club Events Coordinator, Lady Chamberlain.

Field Officers:

  • Ruthless the Red, Captain.
  • Sully, Captain.
  • Slayah, Lieutenant.
  • Petruccio, Commander
  • Mountain, Commander

Contact: mailto:taklipp@gmail.com
Website: Sword Coast online.


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