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Babylon, as the most prominent and oldest realm in the vast Oregon country, has assembled all of its forces and spread its reach to all other realms in Oregon and beyond. With its gathered strength, Babylon has become an unstoppable army. The realm began as a small village, but over many years they became phenomenally powerful. Under the benevolent rule of their third ruler Dyse, they grew to be more powerful than they ever imagined possible.


Realms within The Babylon Empire

Nothing will stand in our way

Northern Wilds

  • Washington Country - Loose collection of fighters who all swear fealty to the Empire.

Southern Reaches

  • Armored Penguins - Member of Norcalia, the Southern Reaches of the Empire
  • Mallenorod - Member of Norcalia, the Southern Reaches of the Empire
  • Grey Haven - Member of Norcalia, the Southern Reaches of the Empire
  • Hellholt - Member of Norcalia, the Southern Reaches of the Empire
  • Saracor - Member of Norcalia, the Southern Reaches of the Empire
  • Sunspear - Member of Norcalia, the Southern Reaches of the Empire

More to follow! They will submit!

Empire Rising

All hail Emperor Dyse Voss!

Former Emperor Dyse

Once in power, His most Benevolent Emperor Dyse rallied together the once rag-tag assembly of warriors and organized them into a terrifying force bent on destroying any resistance to the newly proclaimed Emperor Dyse. Dyse decreed Etain, the Queen of the Gelfs, and Juicer, a commander in the Horde as his personal Advisors. Also, The Duke (Marduk) was proclaimed: The Duke... of Babylon. With cunning organizational skills, and the ability for stunningly charismatic orations, Dyse sowed the seeds of: The Babylon Empire.

Expansion Phase

Scions of Babylon went forth into the unclaimed townships of Oregon Country, spreading the seats of Babylonian power.The Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Tir na nOg were the first, soon to be followed by Pyke which become the new seat of the Empire as the mountain seat of Babylon, the Heart of the Empire, became a sacred and reserved place.

Seeing the strength within the Empire the frontier fighters of the Northern Wilds (Washington) also joined under the Babylonian flag. So too did the Southern Reaches of the Empire, Norcalia, as they bravely resisted the claws and reach of the Blight that is the SoCal Realms. As a far flung branch of the Empire, the Southern Reaches can be a contentious bunch. But their true home resides under the Empire's Benevolent Hand.

Great Collapse

Emperor Voss

Emperor Dyse has been missing since the great collapse of the timelines. Seizing this opportunity Voss now claims the throne of the Emperor. He has the support of Slippery realm leader of Hellholt and is currently building support to enforce his rule.


At Chaos Wars XV the Babylon Empire took to the field in large numbers and dominated all opposition to obtain the Heirloom cloak that was revealed as a prize for the realm which won the most realm battles. Thus Babylon becomes the first of the realms to hold the cloak. May it always reside within the Empire.

Won Battle for the Ring V 10 Man Bel Bowl Tournament.

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