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These articles all contain step-by-step instructions for building a variety of weapons. For some weapons, multiple methods are presented. Some weapons (and instructions) are intended to be built by experienced foamsmiths only, such as glaives, arrows, and javelins. Others are relatively easy for anyone, like a blue sword or shield.

If you are building your first weapon, try to find someone nearby who already knows how and can teach you in person - this is the best way to learn the various little tips and tricks necessary to make a good weapon. If there's no one around who can help you get started, begin by building a blue sword and strap shield first - they're relatively simple, always useful, and a great way to learn the basics and work out the kinks before you try something fancier.

Be sure to also look through the articles in the other subcategories under Category:Weapons Construction to learn important things about working with the various Adhesives, cores, tapes, etc.

Also, please remember to read through the directions before you buy the materials or start construction!


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