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Double ended weapons are rarely seen on the field, and there is a good reason for this. Not only are they extremely hard to wield efficiently, but Swords tend to be more reliable. That being the case, they can be rather fun to use (provided you can make one that passes stipulations).


1.) This type of weapon is rather hard to use.
2.) This type of weapon is rather difficult to make, and should not be your first project.
3.) Unless you are doing this for fun, it is far more advisable to make a more reliable weapon, such as a sword, axe, mace, etc.

Additional note:
"There are really no staffs in Belegarth. Because of how they are constructed, they are actually pugil sticks."


First, you're going to have to decide what kind of core you want. PVC is out of the question (unless you use another core inside it but that just leads to overly heavy weapons). Bandshoppe pole or Rattan are your two safest bets. Bandshoppe is a little heavier, (Citation Needed) but also cheaper, whereas rattan has a significant amount of flex and you have to be careful because sometimes they don't always pass. However, rattan IS significantly lighter (Citation Needed). Also, since rattan is essentially a staff, that type of core is pretty ideal for this purpose.

How to build


  • Core of your choice
  • dap
  • open cell foam
  • 2 Blue Camp Pad or 1 new one and about a square foot of scrap in order to cap the ends
  • Cloth Tape or Electrical Tape I recommend cloth hockey tape
  • some kind of cover i used a pair of long socks to cap the end and a pair of hockey socks to cover the majority of the staff
    • you can get hockey socks at any ice rink near you or you can come up with another kind of cover

Step one.jpg

pick your core and cut to about 6 feet and not more that 6'2

Step two.jpg

cut a camp pad in half

Step 3.jpg

glue just the edge of the camp pad and a section of the staff on each side once in place let sit for an hour or two so it can dry

Step 4.jpg

after first part drys do another section and wait again once you go around once you can do a whole turn of the staff every time but for the first turn be patient its very important

Step 5.jpg

it should kinda look like this but nicer when your done (i'm only so good at drawing my real artistic talent is making things)

Step 6.jpg

cap both ends with blue foam. Do this TWICE (not shown).

Step 7.jpg

add open cell foam to both ends (a necessity in order to make it legal)

Step 8.jpg

duck tape the ends of staff to keep them from falling off this is the stress point on the weapon (it might be a good idea to wrap another turn of blue foam about 1 inch into the open cell and 2 or 3 inches into the blue foam for reinforcement)

if you have a rattan core you need to tape the exposed core in order to make it legal too. cloth tape is best for this and even if you dont cloth tape is awesome for grip

IMG 0171.JPG

that's the final idea for this weapon

the coke can is for scale the final size of my staff is about 6'6 and its now 6'8 cause i changed from one kind of open cell foam to another one thats a little more sturdy
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