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Here is a list of ideas to make your weapons look more unique with some chunks of blue foam.

Inward Curve Sword

1. First, after you Dap on the first blade layer to your sword, cut out a good size of 6-10 in. out of the blade. Bevel the edges so the slant into the box core. You should probably do this somewhere near the bottom where it is less likely to strike.

2. Now Dap on the second layer, if you want to have the curve near the top where it can strike often or all over you should put an extra layer on. You may want to use some cloth tap while the Dap dries. Do not use duct tape, it may damage the foam during removal.


3. A sword that has a curve like this may be hard to sew a cover for. You can sew a normal cover and use cloth tape to hold the fabric down over the gap. Or you could cover the curved area with cloth tape and use cover the rest as done normally.

4. Enjoy your new and unique sword!

Curving an Axe Head

This is for use when constructing an axe with the layer by layer technique.

1. Some time when adding layers to your axe head take a few shorter chunks of foam and place them on the flat edge so the next layer will have the desired curve.

2. This is a good time to check how the blade will curve by holding a strip of foam over the chunks and checking the curve. Bevel the edges to make sure no holes will apear when the next layer is over.

3. Dap the chunks and the next layer to the axe.

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