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Highlands of Chaos

(Hailey, Idaho)

Practice Numbers: Very Few (in an age of strife)


House of Latnemir

A History

Along the bank of the Great Wood River is a mystical and mysterious land, nestled within a valley cut deep into ancient and powerful mountains. This fruitful place is just one of the many wild lands of the Highlands of Chaos. And from this gorgeous, blossoming land rose a kingdom known to the people of Belegarth as Latnemir. Founded in the spring of 2003 after the whelp Plithut and some other local hoodlums discovered the sport of Belegarth while attending a Wood River High School debating event in Pocatello, Idaho (Korayn). They witnessed members of that realm at one of their practices, slaying the mother-lovin-shit out each other. After quick instruction from the seasoned fighters the young but clever valley dwellers had enough knowledge of Belegarth to come back to Hailey, Idaho to begin something great. With that a spark set off and soon enough a posse of friends and other local kids with an itch to have some hard-hitting fun gathered, at least once or twice a week in a few of the town's parks (Heagle Park, Hop Porter, Lion's Park, Curtis Park), or each other's backyards to kick some asses with their crude forms of foam weaponry. Eventually the group evolved and everything got more competitive once everyone began conforming more to the traditions and styles of the sport. Garb was upgraded with wider culture styles and more armor, weapons were being built lighter, stronger, and sexier, practices began to see a larger and larger amount of fighters, everything was stepping up. A realm was born.

  • Latnemir's first national event with full realm attendance was Chaos Wars 7.
From left to right: Kahmeed, Plithut, Itan, Elerosse, Kurgan(back), Kunio, Shino

  • At Chaos Wars 8 Latnemir was willing to contest for the Chaos Banner instead of fighting for the Highlands of Chaos. Having only 11 or so members, Latnemir was at a huge disadvantage in experiance and numbers. After the day of tournaments the Banner Battles began. Units and Realms were competing for Banner points. After the first day the teams that were behind in points and unable to place joined with other teams that were ahead and combined points. Do to banner battles points rules loopholes Latnemir was joined on the field by the Greater Horn of Ebonhold, the Highlands of Chaos, Bakdar along with Hellhammer, and Ered Duath. At the same time Babylon, another young realm was joined on field by the EBF, Aquilonia, Gondor, Orion and Xooyan. Latnemir, after recieving points from the joining teams came up just short enough to require a tie in points in order to to have a chance of winning.

There was only one scheduled Banner Battle left. Latnemir and the other teams had to defeat Babylon and their company in 3 minuets to gain enough points to tie with Babylon. Bakdar having done no previous field commanding at the time (although he told us that later) devised a plan to defeat Babylon in less than three minuets. Well, it worked. The following battle was done with only Latnemir members and Babylon members on field. Latnemir lost and Babylon took home the banner.

From left to right back:Dante(Hellhammer), Crunk(Korayn),Kouvan(K), Migan(HH), Bakdar(HH), Keiichi(HH), Little John(L), Plithut(L), Remiel(L), Kurgan(L) Front Row Standing: Brekfust(HH), Sir Itan](L), Front Row Sitting: Ambrosse(L), Shino(L), Elerosse(L)

After Chaos Wars 8 was over Babylon and Latnemir decided that alone they were chumps but together they were an unstoppable badass force. The two realms allied and created Bablemir

Chaos Wars 9 was of particular importnace for Itan Saba after he was knighted by Sir Dopp of the Highlands of Chaos. Itan was the first member of the House of Latnemir to be knighted in Belegarth.

Itan Saba becomes Sir Itan Saba, Knight of The Highlands of Chaos

(See Knights of the Highlands)



  • After Chaos Wars 7 Latnemir elected to change their heraldry to more closely resemble the Chaos Star inorder to establish a closer connection with the Highlands of Chaos.
  • The original Latnemir heraldry
    the finial design was created by Plithut
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