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Gelf snake


General Information

The Gelfen Empire is a Western based unit with members in multiple realms. The original Gelfs were all members of the Highlands of Chaos and fought together as a fairly small group until Chaos Wars VIII, when they opened their membership up to a much broader base of inner-realm Belegrim. The Gelfs recognize Kargos of the Highlands of Chaos as their king for life, but fight as a unit of equals, electing a field commander at each event.

"Chaos is our empire and it spreads as we do. Perhaps the natives don't always realize they are currently within the boundaries of the Empire, but I suppose ignorance is bliss." Kargos

Unit Structure

Currently the unit is maintained by a Gelfen Senate. These members are elected from among their peers and entrusted with maintaining the well-being of the unit. New recruits must be sponsored to join and face a period of time as a conscript before they are able to become full Gelfs.




The first Gelfen Senate was chosen by unanimous decision at Chaos Wars X.

The Senate is Currently:

Other Information

  • We're pretty much made of awesome.
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