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Stirling was a unit that started when Latnemir was first learning how and what foam fighting was all about, sonny boy. The members were kilted and insane;Gunn, Coop, Kilgour, Khyron, Gheraden, Kesrik, Walker, Wibble and Shredder, amongst other random wastoids of foam battle. Aside from thrashing in kilts, and macking on ladies, the Stirling dudes were there to fight, and fight they did. Fight for their right to paaaartay. They had a knack for bringing out beerguzzling bros and stoner hipster tight jean kiddos who were looking for extra kicks after school. The Stirling dudes would fight fiercely, totally kicked ass, and took names, baby child. None the less, most core members left the sport behind for various jobs and various women. The unit as a whole is now defunct but was definitely a mad-cat influence on the 2003-2004 sword fighting scene of Hailey, Idaho.

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