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Knights of the Highlands of Chaos are a selective chivalric order located mainly in southeastern Idaho (Highlands of Chaos).

1.Sir Thanos Der Terrakhan b. 6/1994 Knighted by White Tiger AKA Sir Gamalon Pendragon
2.Sir Dormin b. 6/1995 Knighted by Sir Thane
3.Sir Tasis b. 6/1995 Knighted by Sir Thane
4.Sir Cedric Winterbourne b. 9/1995 knighted by Sir Thane
5.Sir Stalin b. 1996 Knighted by Sir Cedric
6.Sir Malcovian b.1998 knighted by Sir Cedric
7.Sir Ralimar b. 1999 knighted by Sir Cedric
8.Sir Locutus b. 2002 Squired by Sir Malcovian, Knighted by Sir Ralimar
9.Sir Dopp b. 8/2003 Knighted by Sir Ralimar
10.Sir Kaegan Hume b. 3/2005 Knighted by Sir Cedric
11.Sir Itan Saba b. 8/2005 Knighted by Sir Dopp
12.Sir Spriggot b. 10/2005 Knighted by Sir Cedric
13.Sir Wharghoul b. 4/2006 Knighted by Sir Thane
14.Sir Diomedes b. 8/2010 Knighted by Sir Julian, Inducted 10/10 by KoH
15.Sir Necronos b. 4/18/2008 Knighted by Sir Cedric
16.Sir Par Mertyns b. 6/16/2008 Knighted by Sir Thane
17.Sir Plithut b. 7/29/2010 Knighted by Sir Ralimar, Removed 3/29/18
18.Sir Karion D'Learive *Exiled* Knighted by Sir Wharghoul
19.Sir Leaf Autumnsonge b. 4/16/2011 Knighted by Sir Wharghoul
20.Sir Rahvin b. 7/2012 Knighted by Sir Par, Resigned
21.Sir Kage *Exiled* Knighted by Sir Necronos
22.Ser Shirl Ravenlock b. 7/25/2015 Knighted by Sir Diomedes
23.Sir Rem b. 7/23/2016 Knigted by Sir Kaegen

KoH at Highlands Opener 2018. L-R Sir Dopp, Sir Diomedes, Ser Shirl, Sir Itan, Sir Par, Sir Leaf, Sir Rahvin, Sir Rem

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