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Bortas suiting up for battle - Circa 2007.




Brought in by Sir Tasis in 1995, helped in start Talinor in it's original form in Moscow, Idaho along with Dagorath, Laren, & Tass. Fought with Talinor and participated in several battles with the Highlands of Chaos and joined forces with HoC for Ragnarok XI. In late 1999, moved away from Talinor to western Washington. Managed to participate in a handful of battles with Gondor (and Tasis & Tass), but eventually lost contact and ceased participation. Returned in 2007 and revived Talinor in Bremerton, WA. Can often be found fighting alongside his brothers-in-arms in Tacompton. Pledged to the Gelfen Empire in 2008, brought in as a full member at Chaos Wars XIII. Since that time, has fought exclusively as a GELF.


  • To promote foam-fighting in such a light that all who find us find a home for them to share in the same passion of history and doling out restrained violence to our comrades.
  • To offer help and instruction.
  • To ask for help and instruction.
  • To be outgoing and recruit those staring passers-by.



I would like to think myself a humble soul, but this proves I am not. Like many, I put a lot of effort into doing things well. I think I do alright, and it seems at times you agree. Hopefully, my effort makes a better experience for all of us.

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