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Don't let the smile fool you, that boy's a killa

Fighting Since: the dawn of the Highlands of Chaos (1994)

Real Name: Jeff Keely

Realm: Numenor

Unit: Gelfan Empire

Knighted: by Sir Thane (1995)

History: Tasis was first sighted during the opening battle of the Highlands of Chaos. He soon became squired to Sir Thane and was knighted shortly after returning from Ragnarok X. He was famous for single handedly surrounding his enemies and became known as Tasis Sir Roundedeau.

During his travels North, he founded the realm of Talinor where he created an army of giants. He brought them down to wreak some havok in the Highlands, but his army never recovered after Dagorath, one of his largest giants, was thwarted by a tiny creature from the Highlands known as Manticor. He then traveled all the way to the Western edge of the world and rebuilt the legendary realm of Gondor. After years of valiant defense of Gondor he traveled far to the East to join the armies of Numenor. During Armageddon IV he joined the Gelfan Empire.

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