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Original Realm: Salamandastron

Current Realm: Pyke

Unit: Gelfs

Race: Dire wolf

Weapon Preference: S&B, flo, spear

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Began fighting in September, 2009

Member of The Great Hunt, under the watchful eye of The Great Black of the Dread Gods

Honored to be chosen to join the ranks of the House Valkyries

Member of the Gelfs in 2015, sponsored by Sir Diomedes

- Pokemon Drinking Game

- Favorite Starter: Charmander

- Score: 7

"Were the Fates kinder to the perfidious clump of fur that is now known as 'Dyre,' then this destitute peasant girl would have uneventfully died in the same bed of soil in which she sweat and toiled (and was probably conceived), as would befit a member of her station. This eventuality would be shattered when she and her family were savaged by something other than homeliness on a night bathed in the leer of a yellowed, full moon, or so the peasant's drinking story goes. While the gore-splattered remains of her parents were found partially buried in fifteen spots around Bridgehaven throughout the next week, the nameless little girl wasn't seen again. Then, several winters later, reports of a young woman, strong beyond her stature, breaking apart chicken coops and devouring the poultry whole, began accumulating over the countryside. The few armed bands of yeomanry sent after this most annoying lycantherope have either come back eluded, or haven't come back at all. Worse yet, if the mead-addled stammers of the peasantry are to be believed, Dyre has been seen picking at the corpses left behind in raids lead by the sea-troll Vek. While this may explain how a little girl matured into adulthood in the horror infested forests of Salamandastron, the idea of a confused Sea-Troll and a quixotic Werewolf fighting in concert would require strong disciplinary action to prevent mass panic amongst the peasantry."

Events Attended:

Battle for the Ring, 2010 - 2019

Chaos Wars, 2011 - 2018

Western Wars, 2012 - 2018

Spring Wars, 2019

Oktoberfest, 2015, 2018

Ragnarok, 2014, 2017

Other Events Attended:

SKBC(2010), Battle of Sword Coast(2011), Samhain(2011), Kings Tourney(2011), Yestare(2012), Mannetherin(2014), T-Wald(2013), Anduril Spring Finale(2014), FantasyCon(2014), Stygian Opener(2014), September Siege(2014), War of Wrath(2015), Battle of Blackwater(2015), War of Silica Vale(2010, 2011), Battle of Andor(2011, 2012), Thaw Brawl(2012 - 2014), War of Forbidding(2013, 2014)

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