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Brute sitting in a chair
Brute fighting blind
Brute in a stupid hat
  • Realm:

Cronus Tir Na Nog

Units and Houses



He probably created half of the the Chumptionary.

He also helps out with the feast at Chaos Wars and other events and Belegarth should thank him for it.


"Light hearted and heavy handed with mongoloidal tendencies." Is often what he tells people and wants to be known as. In reality Brute is quite shy and blends into the background most of the times. The photos included on this page are the only ones to be found of him during his 9 year fighting career. He is known for his soft, mumbling voice and is often inaudible whenever anyone is talking at a normal volume. One of his favorite things to do is sit around the fire with his friends regaling in tales of yore, yet he often chooses to sit behind others so as to remain out of the circle and doesn't contribute much at all.

Cool story bro
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