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Dyse and Kaber, founders of the unit El Leones Del Norte



Dyse is currently pursing his dream of becoming a world renowned stage and screen equine actor, following in the footsteps of his role model Sarah Jessica Parker. His crowning achievement has been performing as Horse in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's rendition of Robin Hood.

Dyse also co-founded the unit El Leones Del Norte with his brother Kaber. The unit was formed around the idea of becoming 'lion-men' to strike fear in the hearts of opponents and perfect pride based field tactics. He has been known to be in-character for the entire duration of events, often only responding to his lion-man name, Roary.

Dyse was the realm leader (the third in the line after founder Aphex, who was followed by Morwen) of Babylon which is located in Bend Oregon. Dyse has taken the first annual title of Noobstick, and is a proud member of the Gelfs and their sub-unit God Squad.

Dyse has also claimed Emperical rights to all of the Oregon Nation by way of conquest.

Ruler of all Babylon
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