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Crow at Samhain 2011


Basic Information

Name: Crow
Alternative Names:

  • Brother Crow
  • Throat Beard

Joined Belegarth: The warm summer of 2010
Home Realm: Aquilonia
Secondary Realms:

Crow's Infamous Crow

Unit: 13th Legion
Reavers of De-Treba Mora
Previous Units:

Race: Native American (Apache Tribe)
Favored Fighting Style: Single Blue and Punch Shield
Secondary Fighting Styles: Tower Shield, Spear, Florentine, Javeline, Archery and Speedbat.

Events Attended: 5
Sam Hain 2011
Yestare XI
War of Reckoning II
Sam Hain 2010
Chaos Wars XV
Sam Hain 2011
War of Reckoning III
Chaos Wars XVI

Chaos Wars XV

Crow with his infamous throatbeard

Participated In: Assassin's Tournament, Noob Tournament and Highlander Tournament.

His first Chaos Wars was definitely one he would remember forever. During his time there he made friendships that would last a lifetime and made even stronger bonds with comrades of his own realm. The trip there was long yet beautiful. He traveled to Chaos Wars with Eunuch of the Uruk-Hai, The Butcher of The Black Lions and Lotus Flower his companion. They arrived in the early hours of the day setting up camp in Uruk-Hai camp at first. They were later moved out of the Uruk-Hai territory to make room. During a day of fighting Crow blew out the tip of his weapon on a fellow fighters knee. Disappointed he returned to camp where in his tent he found a speedbat with a weapons check band on it. He promptly took to the field with his new weapon from Santa Christ. After a day of fighting he noticed the mystery weapon had sweet spots on it and decided not to fight with it. After a quick trip to the river to attempt to join The Chaos Navy he found yet another weapon in his tent from Raptor Jesus. This new weapon was a gladius with a 15" blade. The weapon was light and felt comfortable in his hands. He took to the field with his weapon and fell in love with its construction. During his time there he spent a lot of time around Midget Kai'Ironhand. Seeing her in constant pain he helped her around as much as he could. The final day he assisted Midget in the final trash pickup. The ride home was long and sad for him, for all he could think of was the following year.
Crow being auctioned off

The Assassin's Tournament

Before Chaos Wars Crow had learned of the Assassin's Tournament. With black stars in his eyes he quickly signed up joining the poison wielding Black Hand. His first mark was quite difficult not understanding the stipulation. He later found out that all other assassins were also marks. He then set out to weed out every other assassin....and eliminate them. With every assassin he killed his arrogance took over. Not only tricking the assassins to reveal themselves, but also walking to their guild leaders to revel in the glory. Crow's tactics of a poisoned sword was lazy yet effective. Crow developed a notoriety for being slippery; gloating to the guild leaders then running from their members attempting to kill him. In one instance the mercenary for the vigilantes had him cornered in a campsite. His seat being the only thing keeping him safe he bides his time. When the mercenary turn her back for a moment he runs escaping a brush with death. Later he even helped protect the orc Eunuch when he was cornered by 3 vigilante assassins. He egged on the assassins while resting on a spear; telling them that he's only one man. The three of them called him out and Crow stabbed them all in the back. This action led the River Hounds to believe he was a traitor. Crow's infamy and arrogance soon became his undoing when he landed himself as the number one most wanted assassin on the guild lists including his own. Still killing assassins and dodging the vigilantes Crow soon caught wind of the slave auction. He signed up for the auction as a slave seeing it as a fitting end to his spree. When the collectors came to find him he was in Germania. Crow and three others put up quite a fight against the slavers, but to no avail Crow was captured. On the way to the auction Crow made several escape attempts one being successful for a time with Angus. During the auction Crow caused a lot of trouble with the Gladiators. The two that he gave the most trouble to were Midget Kai'Ironhand and Kain Icefall. When his name was finally called he was dragged to the auctioneer. The auctioneer told the crowd he was number one on the guilds most wanted list. His fate was sealed. He was bought by Wraith the vigilante guild master. He was publicly executed during the auction.

Physical Appearance

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Skin Tone: Reddish Tan
Tunic Color: Blue and Gray....mostly.
Pants: Black Patched Hakama.

Being Native American Crow has a reddish tan colored skin which changes depending on mood and sun exposure. It can range from light tan to a red tan. His hair is past his shoulders, straight and black (and incredibly soft). He stands at about 5'11" and is fairly skinny weighing only 130lbs. However, his body structure suggests he weighs much more due to his muscle tone. When shirtless he can be a little hard to distinguish from a group except for his Fallout 3 tattoo in between his shoulder blades. If none of this can be seen or is in different garb one was to tell him is a scar in the center of his right hand. He usually has a jawline trimmed beard. Except during Chaos Wars when he grows it into a throatbeard. He has also been known to incorporate things like baubles, beads and feathers into his hair and head wrap. He uses a gray punch shield with a black crow on the front. His garb top is mostly gray and blue with other patches of material sewn onto it (to cover up holes maybe?). His black Hakama are mostly generic but since Sam Hain 2011 might have undergone some changes. Now wearing fingerless black and red gloves along with a belt. The belt has a single 13th Legion flap on it along with a black piece of shredded material. His current garb top is sure to soon change due to joining the 13th Legion. It will become black and red.

Garb and Appearance History

Crow at his first event Sam Hain 2010
Crow has had many different forms since his first days of fighting. Although only a yearling he has evolved greatly. When he first entered the sport he wore a loaned piece of garb with an iron cross on the front for a couple months. Before Sam Hain 2011 he created his first proper set of garb. It consisted of a black Tunic, black pants and black boots. His hair during this time was significantly shorter than it is now. His facial hair during this time was also shorter than it is now. Hair pulled back he fought many months until War of Reckoning II. There he wore a black hoody due to the rain at the event. He still pulled his hair back, but for the first time actually wore his jaw line beard. His first pair of Hakama also made their first appearance here. However his Crow strap shield did not make this event nor did his short sword. For this event he fought mostly spear. This was also the first event where his companion Lotus Flower made an appearance with him. At Yestare XI he wore his hair down for a whole event and even wore a leather vest (non-armor). He also wore his first unit garb for The Element at this time which was a grey tie side tunic along with his black Hakama. At this event his beard was also starting to make an appearance. His now well known Crow punch shield dawned at this time. By the time Chaos Wars XV came around his appearance had changed dramatically. He wore a grey and blue tunic. Four alternating grey blue squares on the front, left sleeve grey, right sleeve blue, grey back and an alternating blue grey trim. His black Hakama continued to be a recurring item he wore. Not only all this but he wore his first black head wrap at Chaos Wars. Still without a belt for his tunic. Chaos Wars XV is also where the infamous throatbeard came out. Sam Hain 2011 is where the biggest change happened. His tunic once so fresh and clean now had patches of different material. He also had a new addition to his outfit a belt for the first time. It had a single red and black 13th Legion flap on it along with a shredded piece of black material. His signature black Hakama now had patches on them as well. His black head wrap also made a return at this event. Later near the end of the event he also wore a pair of black and red fingerless gloves.


Crow was born in the south west of the America's to the Apache tribe. Since birth he was trained as an Apache Dog Fighter. Wielding a war club, hide shield, knife, tomahawk and a bow he would strive to gain the respect of his elders. He excelled during his training showing no fear in the face of his trainers. Only a cold stare from black dead eyes is what his teacher would get. During his training he accidentally killed 3 trainers who were fellow tribesman. He was brutally punished by the elders. During his youth he frequently would hunt with the other tribesmen. However, instead of using a bow to kill prey he preferred chasing them down, tackling them and brutally slitting their throats. The other tribesman respected him for his hunting prowess, for he had never let even so much as a rabbit get away. Although a skilled hunter his abilities in social skills were quite deficient. Always having a bad vocabulary many of the other tribe children made fun of him. In response he beat a fellow student until he could barely breathe. He was then punished again.
When he reached his early teens he had become a man. He went before the elders to convince them he was ready to become a full Dog Fighter. The elders told him he was not ready and that he was not old enough. However, one tribesman Whispering Arrow spoke on his behalf telling them he was more than ready. The elders agreed to allow him to attempt the final initiation test. The tribes shamans stripped crow down and covered his body in ceremonial war paint. He was to go into the Fang Caves to the east and kill a wolf with no weapons only his bare hands and carry the carcass back to the tribe. The villagers scoffed at Crow telling him he wasn't ready and that he would die in the caves as he set out. These words only fueled him more to succeed. His insatiable appetite to be the best carried him all the way to the Fang Caves. Outside the cave he met a wolf in his own words, "It was as black as the midnight sky. When it opened its mouth to growl at me its teeth were as long as my forearm. But I did not back down for on a nearby tree branch a crow was perched. At that moment I knew i would succeed for my ancestors were watching over me." The two circled each other eye to eye. The wolf with a lust for flesh in his. Crow with cold dead eyes ready to kill his enemy and basque in the blood. The wolf pounced forward knocking Crow to the dirt digging its claws into his chest. Crow punched the wolf in the nose and pushed it off. The wolf staggered Crow lowered his hands to the ground now on all four. Crow:"I had to get on his level to feel the way he did. For in order to defeat your enemy you must be them." The wolf pounced once again this time Crow was ready and they wrestled for quite a time. The wolf clawed Crow many times until finally Crow got on the back of the wolf. He gouged both of its eyes out then pushed its face to the dirt. He then snapped the wolves neck and breathed a sigh of relief though still bleeding from his wounds. He dragged the wolves body back to his village and dropped it in the center giving out a blood thirsty roar. The elders congratulated Crow in his victory and the wolves hide was used to make his clothes and shield, his fangs made into his knives and his bones made into arrows and a tomahawk. He was now a true Apache Dog Fighter.
Years later crow was sent east to assist the local Iroquois tribe hunt and fish. Crow had never seen a large body of water in his life so he agreed to go help. His trip there took many years, but he made it there healthy and ready to hunt. When he arrived the local Iroquois tribesmen saw his markings of the wolf and Dog Fighters. They showed him the respect and fear of a true warrior. Crow was fascinated by the longhouses that the Iroquois people had made for his village didn't have such things. The tribesmen sent him out on a fishing vessel in the Atlantic Ocean. During one of his fishing trips a terrible storm ravaged the sea. The boat was destroyed and Crow was thought to be lost. That was not the case for Crow miraculously survived and washed up on the coast of Spain. Not knowing where he was he had no choice but to seek out the local population. He eventually found the town of Marbella there he was met by strange tan people. The people there did not understand his language and deemed him a lesser member of humanity. They attempted to enslave Crow, but he escaped them massacring half the town in the process.
He traveled the countryside for many years in this strange land in search of his people thinking he was still in the Americas. Eventually he made his way into France where he met pale faces. Crow:"Their faces were like nothing I had ever seen before. Their skin was pale like they were sick I was reluctant to get near any of them for fear of becoming ill." The people there also did not understand him Crow very confused was starting to attract attention. He later found a man Eunuch of the Uruk-Hai who miraculously understood his language to a point. This man was incredibly odd to Crow with his green skin and tusks. Crow:"As if the pale faces weren't enough I came upon a man who wore metal on his body with green skin. It was like he was a snake or incredibly sickly." Eunuch taught crow a multitude of languages ranging from French and English to Italian and Latin. He also taught young Crow the way of the sword and the shield. Crow then left the Orc and set out on his own across the countryside once again. He made his way into Italy and was able to speak with the population to a point. While there however he was enslaved by Kain Icefall a dark undead man to be a member in his army Militis Mortis. Crow's beautiful hair and skin all fell off and he was slowly decaying. Crow fought with Militis Mortis as a zombie for many years until he came across a witch Skippy who was traveling with a group who called themselves The Element. She told him that she would free him from his affliction and make him human again, but he would be in their debt. He agreed and fought along side them for many more years.
Eventually Crow fought a battle with The Element on the sea fighting a great Sea Serpent. The serpent had swallowed Crow whole during the battle but he cut his way out with the blade given to him by his comrades. During the battle the boat was destroyed and Crow swam to shore. He wound up on the shores of Greece where he was met by Spartan soldiers. Crow:"These men that met me when I got to shore were even more strange. There armor was a brown like color almost like my skin, but their faces were pale and their hair curled. They held giant metal turtle shells in front of them for protection." The six Spartan soldiers thought him a spy and drew their weapons to kill him. Crow killed the first one with his tomahawk and the other five with the gladius of the first one. The rest of the soldiers regiment found Crow covered in blood with six dead Spartans around him. He turned to face them and gave them a cold dead eyed stare. The soldiers trembled in their armor until Crow dropped his sword knowing he was outmatched. When the Centurion came forward to shackle him Crow pulled his knife and stabbed him in the throat then attacked the other twenty Spartan soldiers with him tomahawk. After ten soldiers fell to his hand they shackled him and took him to the city. When brought before King Leonidas I he sentenced him to be a slave to Sparta, but to be trained like a Spartan warrior to protect Sparta to his death. Years later when the 13th Legion of Rome defeated the Spartans at Thermopylae they marched on the city of Sparta. Crow not being worthy enough to fight with the true warriors protected the city. When the Roman legions marched through the city for the first time Crow killed an entire regiment by himself. After three days of fighting the Roman Legions with other soldiers of Sparta the fighting finally ended. Wraith the Centurion Prime of Palace stepped before Crow seeing the warrior nature in his eyes cut the chains on his shackles and handed him a gladius and a Spartan helmet. Crow looked at Wraith and pledged his undying allegiance to him. To this day Crow fights with the 13th Legion under Wraiths command slaying all his enemies with the same ferocity he showed the wolf outside the cave. He still wears the shackles on his wrists as a reminder of what Wraith did for him all those years ago.
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