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The Corporate Uruk-Hai
Uruk-Hai @ Oktoberfest '05

The Uruk-Hai

"We walk under sun and moon, in fair weather and foul, clad in the green and black and red, ever bearing the white skull of the Orc! Seeking fury and blood and slaughter, we go ever forth into the maul, to live the only life worthy of a true orc: Conquest or Death!"

- Chieftain Spekkeo Askari

The Uruk-Hai are a unit in both Belegarth and Dagorhir with members coast to coast. We are generally considered a dark orc army bent on domination and will use differing tactics to achieve our goals depending on the situation, but our most important attribute is that we work together to achieve victory. We fight as one on and off the field. Our goal is to win the battle before the first shot is thrown through reputation and intimidation. Everything we do, everything we wear, and everything we are is tailored to maintaining and enhancing that reputation.

The Uruk-Hai are open for recruitment. Find us at events near you.

Updated: 6/21/2016

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