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Basic Information

Unit Name: Redeemed
Formerly: Militis Mortis
Location: Aquilonia
Colors: Black, Silver, Green
Symbol: Silver crescent moon with a green scimitar slicing through. Picture to be uploaded.
Races: Any.



What it Means to be Redeemed

Redemption: Atoning for a fault or mistake; deliverance; rescue; repurchase, as of something sold.

The world is full of imperfections and injustices, mistakes, guilt-ridden faces and dark secrets. People hide themselves away from society, are shunned by it, or enslaved by it. Some try to break free while others turn away from their pasts. Then there are some that try to make a better life for themselves, as well as others. These people, formed together in one group, are known as The Redeemed. Filled with society's odds and ends, this group has banded together to try and find their own place in the world, an identity. They hailed from all different walks of life and death with a similar goal in mind and fight every day to see themselves brought a little closer.

That's the small backstory that has been worked out for the unit. It's very small, having seen one full overhaul from name to theme and two changes in leadership. It is based out of the Utah realm of Aquilonia with plans to expand. It is currently small and accepting new members, whether veteran or entirely new to the sport. There is currently no set particular race or fighting style to keep doors open. The newest appointed leader is Midget Kai'Ironhand who can be reached daily on her facebook account. This unit can often be found allying itself with the Western [[Uruk-Hai] and Reavers of De-Treba Mora. We apologize for any inconvenience as the ranking system is currently being remodeled.

to be disclosed.

Previous Units & Sub Units

Army of Death
Militis Mortis was once a fearsome army that rose from Aquilonia. They were a ruthless bunch, often seizing control of battles and aiding the Uruk-Hai in their slaughter of human kind. After a falling out between leaders, separation of members, and one man's sights for a better life, this army would later be re-forged and be come to known as the Redeemed.

Hear their Screams
The Banshees are female spirits who, in Irish legend, would wail or scream when someone was about to perish. This former sub-unit of Redeemed (they have moved on to being their own unit) consisted of a horde of such spirits, often donned in black and blue, who have blue skin and shriek at their enemies before they are slain.

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