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We don't recruit soldiers, we Make Em.-Centurion Wraith Chaos WarsXV


What is the 13th Legion?

The 13th Legion is a militaristic unit based out of Oklahoma. The leader of the unit Centurion Wraith teaches leadership, teamwork and values. The 13th Legion doesn't just operate in Oklahoma, but in Utah as well. The Aquilonia division is run by Crow where the Salt Lake city division is run by Centurion ??. The rank structure of the 13th Legion is similar to a military ranking structure. Having higher ranking members at the top such as the Centurion Prime of Palace giving orders on the field to the Pleebs. We also have non-combat members who sometimes serve as Senators. Our Senators make sure that all the fighting members are happy by talking to the higher ranking members about complaints.

How do I join the 13th Legion

Joining the 13th Legion is really quite simple. Unlike most other units where you have to fight the other members to prove your worth to get in. We take a more formal way of you just coming up and asking. You will then be conscripted in and start out as a pleeb taking orders from the higher ranking members like Centurions and Legionnaires.

How do you rank up in 13th Legion

Ranking up in the Legion is very different from other units. First you have to have the required garb, weapons and armor. Then you have to pass a test on the units history. Along the way you learn all the history of the unit and the members in the unit. The last is if you are trying to make Optio or a rank out of the Pleeb ranks then you have to fight for your freedom, for you are officially leaving the life of a slave. Ranking up can take as long as you want it to its all up to you!

What are the benefits to joining the 13th Legion?

Well there is the obvious benefit of being a part of a larger group that can aid you on the battlefield. Besides that there's specialized training from the members of the unit that are willing to work with you to help better yourself. In the 13th we want all our soldiers to be the most effective so we're willing to run drills and offer assistance to you as much as we can. Another added benefit is if you love the Uruk-Hai then you'll get to fight right along some of the toughest fighters out there. One of the added benefits is just the brotherhood. On the battlefield we watch each others backs and work together for the greater objective. Along the way you make friendships that will last a lifetime. That alone is enough for some to join.

So what can the 13th Legion offer you?

  • A chance to be apart of something bigger than you
  • A chance to hone your skills and even learn new ones
  • A group that will work with you to make you the best
  • Fighting alongside the Uruk-Hai
  • Fellowship and Brotherhood/Sisterhood

Who can join the 13th legion

Anyone! Everyone! The 13th Legion has no physical requirements to join. We don't ask that you be a super hardcore fighter or even a fighter at all. We just ask for your loyalty. If you cant commit to the 13th Legion fully then you're probably not what we're looking for. We want life long members to dedicate themselves to their brothers and sisters in arms. Now that's not to say you're stuck with us forever. We have the ability to double unit. You just have to wait to rank up a little bit.

Who can join

  • Veteran Fighters
  • New Fighters
  • Young Fighters
  • Old Fighters
  • Men
  • Women
  • Everything In Between!

What the 13th Legion looks for in recruits

  • A willingness to learn new tactics and techniques.
  • A want to be the best.
  • Loyalty to the group.
  • Respect.
  • Honesty.

Who's in the 13th Legion?

We have a few well known names in the 13th Legion Centurion Wraith our unit leader is just one of them. Queen Brietta our second in command and Wraith's wife is in the 13th Legion. Another name you might have heard is Centurion ?? from Salt Lake City, Utah. Those of you from Aquilonia will know Head Pleeb Crow. The last member that some of you may know is Pleeb Reno. We do pal around and fight with a bunch of well know names that you will have definitely heard. Forkbeard is one of the names that you may know that we fight alongside. Rumbeard is another name that should be familiar that we fight alongside.

So there you have it that's the 13th Legion. So what are you doing the 13th needs soldiers LIKE YOU so join on up TODAY!

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