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One of the castles at the first WOR, 02/06/2010


At a Glance

Hosted By: An Tir Dearg
When: Early February
Where: St. George, UT
Fees: Around $15
Special Notes: Location and temperate climate in southern Utah allows for some of the earliest foam fighting to take place each year in the entire western United States while the more northern realms are still snow packed in the mountains.



Belly dancers at the first WOR feast, 02/06/2010
Two sides clash in the "no man's land" between castles at the first War of Reckoning, 02/06/2010

The first War of Reckoning was held the weekend of February 5th through February 7th, 2010. It was slated to take place in the Warner Valley area outside St. George, UT but due to the only access road being washed out by the local monsoon season as well as the fighting sands being torn apart by ATV's and being covered in horse crap, it was moved to an equally remote and sandy location to the north between the cities of Washington and Hurricane.

Rain continued to plague the event and fighting was moved to An Tir Dearg's regular practice field at Nisson Park in Washington, UT. Feast was held under the pavilion with Indian food and belly dancing and drumming for entertainment.


The second War of Reckoning was planned to be held the weekend of February 18th through February 20th, 2011 on private land in Littlefield, AZ that doubled as a paint ball field due to the Federal BLM and Utah State Parks beginning to require permit and environmental impact study fees, as well as private insurance. Unfortunately, due to drama between the person with whom ATD had negotiated use of the land and the actual land owner, the event was forced to find a new site only two weeks prior to the announced event date. A frantic search took place to locate a new site which resulted in one of the realm members obtaining permission from the military recruiters of his National Guard unit to utilize a tract of land near the Mokaac Reservoir on the Arizona Strip which they had permission to use as a training site. Through this arrangement, ATD got a new event site at the last minute in exchange for making available a table with recruiter information and the event officially being labled a "National Guard Physical Training Exercise". This worked to ATD's advantage when a BLM ranger approached the scene and inquired as to the goings on.

To everyone's shock, bewilderment, and anger, after the majority of participants had already set up camp and begun to enjoy typical Bel nightlife, the Ranger later returned around 4 pm stating that the event needed to be moved a mile or so further south because a cattle rancher complained that he was concerned all the people would scare off his cows and prevent them from watering at the reservoir. Tiberius Claudius began passing the bad news and coordinated with Isk (who had been off site directing lost attendees to the event site) to begin moving participants' tents in the back of their pick up trucks to the new site so as to avoid the largest of hassles concerning the move. Once everyone had been moved piecemeal in a great Exodus-like caravan of vehicles up the ridiculously steep, pot holed, rocky hill "road" out of the Mokaac site (more than one vehicle getting stuck multiple times) and set up at the new area, ATD began again moving all of the castle towers, communal camp fire wood, and portajohns to the new site. When all was said and done, it was after 11 pm. Fortunately, this new site was a sandy location much like the first year but with a more accessible road in and almost no cow pies or rocks when compared to the Mokaac site. Loptr and Isk had coordinated bringing light trees and a propane generator which allowed for night fighting which lasted until about 2 am. There was great fun and drunkeness to the tunes of Gamhain's lyrical aptitude which alleviated a good portion of the negative vibes stemming from the move.

As would seem to be a recurring theme for WoR, light rain began to fall shortly after the night fighting ended and it lasted until morning, breaking off a little while into Troll and Weapons Check. The rain held off for most of the day which saw capture the flag, line battles, King Rez, Thermopylae, and the second annual "Four Horseman" tournament. Fighting broke off as the cold and the rain returned to plague the event. Catered feast of smoked chicken, dutch oven potatoes, and baked beans arrived about 6:30 pm much to the delight of all. A unit from Fugl Brenna won the "Best Garbed Unit" standard streamer and were awarded first in line for feast. A good portion of fighters broke camp before an after feast because of ailments, vehicle problems, and the weather. Finally, as all stragglers were breaking camp Sunday morning, Forkbeard provided a hearty breakfast for anyone still present, which was very much welcomed as the constant cold rain turned into a snow storm with nearly zero visibility which some would say was a most fitting ending for WoR II.


The third War of Reckoning was held at ATD's traditional practice field as a single day event for the cost of $5 Troll on Saturday, February 25th, 2012 due to shortage of funds to procure required insurance at all private and public sites for a traditional camping event. That aspect was disappointing and contributed to diminished numbers, however the weather was spectacularly sunny with scattered clouds and about 65 degrees. Many participants spoke of sunburns afterwards!

Overall, comments from attendees were extremely positive and focused on the weather, the simplicity and smoothness of the event, and a more professional running of the Four Horsemen Tourney. Said tournament was won by the Black Lions unit from the Las Vegas, NV Dagorhir realm of Barad'dun. Additionally, Patchiz of Clew hosted an archery gallery for which she offered self-purchased/created prizes. First place went to Crow of Aquilonia which earned him a chic cloak worth approximately $100.00

The day's festivities were wound up with a hearty feast of Pizza (c'mon, what do you expect for a $5 day event?) and belly dancing from the Sha'Waza troupe which included fire dancing, sword balancing, and drumming.

Event Attendance


The first War of Reckoning garnered participation by approximately 50 fighters from two states. Utah was represented by Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, and St. George, while Nevada was represented by Las Vegas.


Attendance for the second War of Reckoning is believed to be approximately 77 paid Troll attendees from 5 states: Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, and Utah.


Attendance for the third War of Reckoning was 45 paid fighters, with six non-fighting guests from Utah and Nevada.


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