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Angus Av Rausumea

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William "Angus" McKilty is a fourth gereration Av of Rausumea. He is also a member of Yorkshire. Looks alot like Matt Damon.

The Fighter

Preffering range and self-sufficiency to speed and mobility, Angus is most often found toting a very long broadsword and shield, donned in chainmaille and the courage to hold a line to the last. Though this is his caste, his true passion is the spear, and he has been said to knock an unsuspecting Roman or two off a bridge with a well-placed thrust. What he lacks in skill he makes up for in dexterity. A jack of all trades, he performs adequetly with the weapons at hand, and is always anxious to prove himself.

The Man

Off the field, Angus tends to be a mischeivous fellow. Breaking up fights is no desire of his, he'd sooner be found jumping to the aide of the underdog...or perhaps suggesting a skinny-dip. While avoiding the raging core of the festivities, he often gravitates to smaller groups of friends and roaming about searching for trouble.

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