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The Black Lions is a Mercenary unit that fights in all medieval combat sports. We currently have members residing in The realm of Barad'Dun of Las Vegas NV, Aquilonia of Ogden UT, and Angaron of North East PA. The Black Lions are led by Taco in the West and Caretaker in the East. Taco created this group to help other groups in the area's they need. We train our fighters in all types of weapons and styles to fill in your groups empty spots or where your group is lacking in members. We are a skirmish style group and will often find us as a support group to another unit.

We are open for hire at any time. Payment methods include booze and/or good times.

The majority of the members reside in Las Vegas and fight with the realm of Barad'Dun. You can find us at Desert Breeze Park every Saturday at noon and also during the week.

To contact us at the Vegas Location:

To contact us at the PA Location: Facebook Caretaker:!/thomasalesterayers

Current Members

  • Taco
  • Caretaker
  • Mordock
  • Phoxly
  • Barrikaide
  • The Butcher
  • Grek
  • Nav
  • Taquito
  • Acrid
  • Ira

Lady Lionnettes

  • Sarabi
  • Bex
  • Claire
  • Loki
  • Lillith

The Black Lions' Charter

We, The Black Lions, are a mercenary unit that participates in various medieval combat sports for recreation, namely Dagorhir and Belegarth. This unit was created by its leader, Taco (Josh Bryant), in the Northern Utah realm Aquilonia . We have members spread throughout multiple realms including Aquilonia (Utah) and Angaron (Pennsylvania), but with most of the core fighters and its leader residing in Barad 'Dun (Nevada). We are often referred to as a “skirmisher” unit, meaning we are most often the flanking force in a realm battle and our members are trained to handle multiple opponents. The Black Lions aim to promote learning and improvement of ones skills as well as friendship and camaraderie between unit members. Members must have respect towards each other and the sport as well. A higher level of commitment and the thirst and ability to learn are important. The Black Lions are interested in prospects who love the game and attempt to improve the atmosphere of their realm and the sport. Safety is always a top concern and the weapon training unit members receive reflects this priority. We fight with honor and fairness and play by the current Dagorhir Manual of Arms. Our roster is always accepting applicants. Any one who is interested could be a potential recruit. We do not discriminate by skill or any other means. The initial requirements to join are very minimal to encourage untrained fighters to join us to hone their skills and battle along side brethren of similar mind sets. The requirements are as follows:

   Must have regularly attended practice for at least 3 months. (10 practices in 3 months)
   Must have basic fighting garb.
   Must know basic rules.
   Must own a weapon set.
   Must have read this charter

We do, however, prohibit and limit multi-unit players (players who wish to be a part of more than one unit) to ensure loyalty to the Black Lions especially when unit battles take place (can be discussed with Taco). After an applicant meets all requirements, the current unit members will discuss, evaluate and vote on whether or not to induct them into our ranks. This evaluation is to assess the applicant's commitment, ability to learn, and attitude towards the game and its players. More often than not, all negative issues will be brought up to the applicant by Taco and he will work with them to improve and pass the assessment. Once all concerns are resolved and the unit members vote positively, the applicant will be tested. The first test is a recital of the basic rules in front of the unit members. Questions may be asked to remind the applicant of rules they might have missed. The second test is a test of commitment and endurance, called “Barreling”. The fighter can use any equipment. The combatant must fight a selected group of current unit members, each in three one-on-one fights in random order. The fighting is non-stop without any breaks. The applicant does not have to win any of the fights but must fight their hardest. The only way to fail is to give up. Once the tests are passed, they become a Black Lion. Black Lions are encouraged and taught how to improve in their fighting through instruction by the veteran fighters within the unit. Fighters are recognized for their improvements and dedication through a ranking system. Upon reaching a milestone in their advancement a personalized test is given to finalize their promotion in the ranks. Joining the Black Lions is not a sign of elitism or how good you are, but rather a sign of desire to grow as a fighter and as a person. The following ranks are not authoritative ranks, but instead act as personal ranks that you should seek out to achieve at your own pace. Ranking up is not a requirement in the Black Lions, it is a personal goal marker that lets your fellow Lions and other fighters know what you are capable of. The ranks are as follows, from lowest to highest: Black Lion, Black Militia, Black Guard, Elite Black Guard.

Black Lion: Members interested in joining start out at the initial Black Lion rank. This rank signifies a member who has showed promise in at least one preferred kit, and is willing to build upon that kit and develop battlefield prowess with that kit. Seeking out training from those more experienced than thou, and an overall positive attitude toward those who are teaching them are features we seek. Being a Black Lion is not a matter of being elite, but rather a matter of having the drive and determination to better yourself and become one of the pride.

Black Militia: Members who have attained the rank of Black Militia are proficient in at least two kits, and have traveled with the unit or realm to at least one minor event. A test of both kits and overall battlefield prowess is required to attain this rank. The purpose of this rank is to fill any roll in a flanking or attack team. Every kit has a place in the Black Lions, attaining a rank of Black Militia tells your fellow Lions that you can assume a needed roll and support them where needed.

Black Guard: Members who have attained the rank of Black Guard are those who have gone beyond combat prowess to better themselves as fighters. They have sought out improved garb, armor, attended events and competed in at least one tournament. Black Guard have proven themselves as leaders, and eagerly take control of a team and execute battlefield maneuvers to flank and topple enemy teams.

Elite Black Guard: Members of this rank are proficient with multiple weapon kits, and own multiple kits to prove that. Elite Black Guard have attended multiple events, and lead a team at those events. To achieve this rank, a special test is required challenging all the knowledge and weapon proficiencies gained as a Black Lion, this is akin to the initial barreling that all Black Lions do when initiated.

Members gain privilege to purchase a uniform Black Lion tabard ($35) upon joining and receive war braids as trophies when they rank up. Members have very few obligations and we are very lenient but in the course that we feel a member is being neglectful they may be deranked or discharged. For any major decisions involving the unit, we act as a light democracy but with Taco as the final decider. Discussions are primarily held on the Black Lions group forums on or on the Barad 'Dun forums at and in person at our hosted weekly practice, usually held at 6:00 pm on Tuesday. Any concerns, comments or questions about the unit or its members can be addressed to Taco. He will ensure that any issue a player (member or non-member) has is resolved in a fair, unbiased, peaceful manner. If, for some reason, you feel uncomfortable with discussing the matter with him, feel free to address it with Sarabi (Krystle Fields) or any other Black Lion member you trust. We reassure that all topics will be discussed and solved to our best ability. If in the unfortunate case that we are unable to satisfy a members needs and they wish to leave the unit they will be removed from the roster without any hard feelings or grudges. However, we do not allow members to reapply once they quit or are discharged. Becoming a member of The Black Lions is akin to having a second family. Our bonds with each other grow strong and we learn to help and depend on one another. We all love this game, the players and the medieval atmosphere we immerse ourselves into. We are all here to have fun, experience new things, develop skills, compete, and get away from mundane life. If this great organization sounds well suited to you, message or approach Taco about your interest in The Black Lions.

The Black Lions' official colors are Black, Red and Gold. Our symbol is a tribal style lion viewed from the side, most often facing left. Our battle cry is, “Leedle leedle leedle lee!” originally quoted from Patrick Star of the cartoon show Spongebob Squarepants.

Approved by Joshua Bryant (Taco) Written by Dustin Macari (Acrid) And Casey Baker (Phoxley) Edited by Josh Jenne (Grek)

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