Chaos Wars 9 War Council Minutes

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Chaos Wars 9 - War Council Minutes 8-13-05

Present Realms and Representatives




  • Speaking and Voting Realms
  • Chaos Wars
  • Heralds
  • Drinking on the field
  • More herald classes
  • Heralds and partiality on the field
  • Family Camp
  • Site
  • Next Year
  • Not so many unit battles
  • Punch Shields
  • Change no reusable rule to differentiate between arrows, and javelins and rocks

1.)Speaking and Voting rights (for the purposes of the Chaos Wars War Council) (please note that all votes are not valid for national concerns, anything passed herein is for the purposes of the Chaos Wars War Council only, though concerns of national import will be brought up on the National Board in the War Council Forum) A)Dopp sponsors Halflands for speaking rights, Andrek seconds. Sir Thane speaks for Halflands Vote called: 4 in favor 1 abstention - vote passes B)Andor up for voting rights – Orion and Xooyan representing Vote called: 4 in favor 1 abstention – vote passes C) Aquilonia up for voting rights - Forkbeard and Griff representing Vote called: 5 in favor 1 abstention D)Gorothannon up for voting rights – Slagg representing Vote called: 6 in favor 1 abstention – vote passes

(points A-D will be brought up in the National War Council forum for a National vote)

E)Iron Hills is sponsored by Aquilonia Slagg seconds Vote called: 7 in favor 1 abstention – vote passes F) Shanarra brought up for speaking, sponsored by Dopp, Slagg seconds Vote called: 7 in favor 1 abstention - vote passes

(Both Iron Hills and Shanarra ask that they not be brought up for National speaking rights at this time as both are relatively new realms and they would like to wait until they are more active.)

2) Chaos Wars A) Who is going to run it? Dopp volunteers Highlands and himself discussion ensues regarding co-hosting Ebonhold volunteers to co-host Vote called: 8 in favor – vote passes B) Site Location discussion. It is proposed that the site choice remain at the discretion of the co-hosters Vote called: 8 in favor – vote passes

C) Heralds 1. Heralding classes as they have been held in the past at CW VII and CW VIII being reinstituted for Chaos Wars 10. It will be a part of the Head Herald’s duties to set up at least two heralding classes during the event to help heralds coming from different realms to all be on the same page when it comes to heralding battles and weapons check. Proposal: The Head Herald will have the discretion to choose any and all heralds that attend the field, from those heralds that have been brought forward by their realm leaders and/or attended at least one heralding class at Chaos Wars 10. motioned by Highlands seconded by Slagg Vote called: 8 in favor – vote passes

Heralds drinking alcohol on the field is presented as a concern. Other heralds mention that they noticed a few heralds consuming alcohol while on the field. The council is reminded that a rule against alcohol on the field, the consuming of alcohol on the field, and drunkenness while engaging in combat has already been made by this council at Chaos Wars 7 and needs to be enforced. 2. Heralds and partiality on the field – heralds should not be aiding the direction of teams on the field during a battle in any form. This includes offering aid in the form of tactics, positioning, suggestions for attack or defense, etc, etc. Heralds are reminded to remain impartial referees at all times. It was determined that this is already the spirit of the rules as they are and no rule change was being suggested. At this point, the issue of Heralds wearing their unit affiliations on the field was briefly discussed as part of the impartiality discussion and it was determined that the majority of the council did not have a problem with heralds wearing or otherwise displaying their unit affiliations while actively engaged in heralding battles.

D) Family Camp at Chaos Wars – designated areas for Chaos Wars Family/Quiet Camp, with the attempt to allow for positioning close to bathrooms and out of the direct activity of the rest of camp. Discussion included concerns with regards to keeping Chaos Wars family friendly and encouraging members with families to both attend and feel comfortable bringing their spouses and children. The coordination of Family/Quiet camp will be at the discretion of the event coordinators. E) Not so many unit battles at Chaos Wars. This concern was brought up by several realms who would like to see an increase of larger field battles at Chaos Wars. The event coordinators will take this into consideration in the planning of CW X.

3) Punch Shields as currently constructed by Edhellen were discussed as possibly unsafe due to the thin layer of foam actually separating the hand from the front of the shield. This may be a minimum padding issue. Though there have been no injuries specific to this concern, this is a potential safety issue for the wielder and the opponent. It was suggested that an opponent may be at risk of harm in instanced of shield punching due to the thin layer of foam in the grip of the shield. It was also put forward, as a secondary concern, that the wielder of the shield may be at risk of injuring his/her hand in the instances of shield kicking. The fix suggested was to add a secondary layer of foam over the area of the hand grip to both protect the user and the opponent. The council decided not to vote on this at the present time.

4) Distinguishing rocks and javelins from non-reusable arrows. This concern was briefly voiced, but it was determined that it could be included in the current online discussion regarding non-reusable missile weapons.

5) Safety issue: Medics were concerned that ice packs should be available at Troll as well as first aid materials. Dopp reminded everyone that first aid materials are indeed available at Troll and agreed that Chaos Wars X should have a more organized and aware medical presence. Thanks was given to those who provided their medical training to the injured at CW IX.

(Motion is made to close WC. Vote called. 8 in favor. WC is closed.)

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