Chaos Wars 10

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When: August 7-14, 2006

Where: Crystal Springs Campground, Honeyville, UT


Hosted by: Highlands of Chaos

Cost: $30.00


Chaos Wars X was once again run by the realms of the Highlands of Chaos. It was held at Crystal Hot springs in Honeyvile, Utah as appose to the usual Indian Hot springs site due to problems with the latter site. The heat was brutal and thus shade and cold refreshments became a luxury. Many remarked that due to the scorching heat the fighting during the main hours of the day was mediocre but the socializing and nightlife atmospheres were second to none. Sin Night was once again a success providing a Slave Auction, beer-bong, flour wrestling, and the usual games. New this year was an Edward Forty-Hands competition, the official judge being Bhakdar. The winner, Bishop, was awarded with a decorative sash depicting the game. Onyx and the EBF received a warm welcome after he supplied coolers of Falcon Blood, a drink popular amongst many Belegrim. There were several rumors that people were "hovered" and that many things were "fixed," but neither of these occurrences could be explained nor confirmed. The Chaos Wars Banner Battles were shrouded in controversy but the Chaos Banner was awarded to Team Iowa marking the second year in a row that an eastern representative team has won the banner. The week ended with a feast including a pig roast and a dust storm. The banner was officially awarded to the members of the Iowa Team following the usual awards for the tournaments, and more trivial awards such as best deaths, best new fighter, best garb and best armor.

The official color for this Chaos Wars was yellow.


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