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Mundane Name: Jesse Sell
Full Persona Name: Sir Thurat de Aquitaine, Master Seneschal
Fighting Since: 01 April 2006
Unit: Clan of the Hydra
Team: Bussey brigrade
Guild: Seneschal Guild

  • Guild Rank: Master, sashed Geddon 2018

Realm of Origin: Kingdom of Knightfall
Current Realm: Carthage
Knightly Lineage: Knights of Oldcastle


I started fighting in April of 2006 in the Kingdom of Knightfall. I was the warlord of Knightfall from roughly 2008 until summer of 2012 when I moved to Carbondale, IL. There, I started a Belegarth RSO/Sports Club; the realm of Carthage. I acted as Carthage's president for one semester, and have remained on as a community adviser since. I ran the Dagorhir realm of Byzantium as an interim president from fall 2015 until May of 2016, when I assisted in rebooting the realm as the City of Bree, passing leadership to new officers there. I have managed the realm map hosted on since April of 2012, I maintain a database of realms in the sport, and I act as a point of contact for new members and realm leaders. I am a Master in the Seneschal Guild, with an emphasis on recruitment and retention. I am the 21st knight of the Knights of Oldcastle lineage. I have completed but am always expanding on the rebooted Belegarth Starter Kit, and I run the Youtube Channel Boffer Basics.

Squireship and Knighting

I began squiring under Sir Morpheus of Wolfpack on February 22nd, 2017 just after Wolfpack Opener of that year. During my squireship I focused heavily on expanding my service in conjunction with my concurrent apprenticeship, and focused on improving my crafting abilities. While I had previously built every type of weapon commonly used, I used this as an opportunity to revisit my building style and work on better equipment. My brief obsession with arrow technology, which is documented on the Boffer Basics Facebook page, was a result of that. I also crafted a full set of leather armor, sans body piece, and a chainmail shirt. I recorded much of these endeavors and used it as an opportunity to create content for teaching others. For event service, I took up head positions at Oktoberfest, Punic Wars, and Wolfpack Opener; I also volunteered in non-head positions at those and other events. For general service, I continued my work on the Belegarth realm list and map, and I also worked on my Seneschal master's project which culminated after about 150 hours as the Belegarth Starter Kit. This and my YouTube/Facebook channel Boffer Basics were my biggest projects and were focused on making accessible and updated online resources.

My knighting took place at Spring Wars of 2019, Saturday afternoon from 1410 to 1545. It was an open challenger trial where I matched equipment and fought until victory; ties to the challenger. I fought 58 challengers for a total of 211 fights, lasting 1h35m.

Open Challengers
Sir Bismark Sir Bowen Squire Braizen Sir Briar Coat Conan
Squire Demox Dez Draco Eagan Exo Squire Frith
Grimace Sir Guts Ilva Squire Odo Plisken Rags
Reiner Rocks Romulus Sir Rukus Scylla Slab
Solaris Sun Tallia Sir Tempelhoff Sir Vak Valentine
Vitani Squire Xarl
Squire Bammick Kaladin Sir Peanut Sir Tails Sabre
Acnor Fumbles Skia Skipper
Squire Animal Squire Bargest Squire Dark Squire Karma Squire Lorcan Squire Smiley Squire Timber
Sir Argent Sir Davit Sir Fox Sir Karr Sir Killian Sir Nenharma Sir Rhys Dame Ruby Sir Vael
Sir Morpheus
Min-Red (2) Florentine (4) Sword and Board (3)
Thurat's Rock Form: "This is not an insulated kit, and I am not an insulated man."
Sir Thurat modeling Sabre's costume for the Garb Parade at Oktoberfest 2022.

Events Attended

(Exact years of attendance uncertain; most attended multiple times)

Jesse is a Beautiful Bussy Boi

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