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Date: Sunday January 22, 2006
Time: 12:00-6:00 PM
Place: The Bloomington YWCA, 1201 N. Hershey Ave, Bloomington, IL 61704 [Click here for map]
Attended: 300+/-

They have had to change the location for the event since they were are expecting a large number of people and their gym just isn't big enough anymore. Due to this change of venue we are having to rent the space and charge for the event. This was a great idea since close to 300 people showed
The days fighting lasted well over 4 and half hours after the half an hour of checking weapons from a very good Wolfpack weapon checking team.

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Sorcia, Kyrian, Obryn, Cyric, Assyria, Polaris, Ike, Canis Nocturnis, Alinne, Ui, Wisdom, Digoza, Skorr, Nuri, Lorelai, Davit, Keiichi, Keiko, Ayala, Krikit, Athena, Brekfust, Leod, Akalis, Eleece, Anya, Morpheus, Theros, Gloha, Nodel, Skyler, Lysis, Neela, Killian, Tobin, Fox, Freya, Katina, Physic, Wraith, Torous, Raziel, Squirm, Hari, Illian, Pandora, Skada, Shashana, Hoshi, Staff, Sakura, Colin, Grimrot, Pavel, Molok,

V-Hil, Arioch, Jikanta, Galin, Borric, Kenneth, Argoth, Tybalt, Gradamere, Dagmar, Orso, Calh, Tularen, Scorpio, Talion, Meno, A'Layl, Piper, Maverick, Falkor, Zaknafein, Alberich, Moran, Angel, Soth, Satanaka, Yvonne, Wolfie, Nicodemus

Tinman, Winfang, Chance

Anthrax, Scutter, Butcher, Zzyzx, Vo'Kor, Drago, Eeach, Graavish, Koom, Mohr'gak, Rothgar, Krieger, Bhakdar, Lost, Dachande

Madog, Tethrin, Ashling, Edgethrop

Angmarth, Oisín, Griffith, Thorondor, Helm, Kageshiro, Elwing, Nick, Paul F., Renato, Morwen Steelsheen, Jesse.

Kayle, Sorbo, Bo, X, Chicken, Rae, Magpie, Mick, Ragnar, Latrans, Denara, Phoenix, Glorfindel, Rachel, Laef ,Chase

Peregrine, Kalor, Curly, Fabio

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