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New Realm Starter Kit

NEEDS EDITED to be up to date, but here is the link to the current kit:

On Jun 04, 2008 when Derian asked "What do you want for Belegarth's Web presence?" , Beren Fellspear replyed "I think, along the lines of getting new realms started, there should be some sort of zipped bundle of files as a starter pack to help new realms get started." On Nov 10, 2008, Cib answered with a zipped up package of files called "The New Realm Starter Kit." Around this same time Eeach began looking into building a new realm in Misawa Japan. Seeing the Book of War as a great rulebook for veterans but inadequate for initiating new players, he began to search for and compile resources to build his new realm, mostly using the BoW and wiki. During this research Eeach stumbled across the “New Realm Starter Kit” as well as a seemingly incomplete book written by Xipher that attempted this feat as well.

Eeach being an avid user of obscure open-source projects realized just how easy support and interest in them could wax and wane. Looking at Xipher, Cib and his own project, Eeach realized that they all contain the same flaw. Being separated from our two main culture databases (the web-board and wiki) each project needs independent and periodic updates. When our culture changes, when historical events occur, or when we are bored at work we go to the web-board and wiki and browse. We talk, we update, we brainstorm, and we review. Sometimes this process is slow moving and months could go by with no changes; other times this process is rapid.

Eeach realized that all the hard work of Xipher and Cib could easily be lost. That eventually a cultural wane would sneak by and a project would be forgotten… maybe even lost to history. That the best way to preserve any large project that consolidates our culture is to integrate it into the places we keep a record of that culture. Tying “The New Realm Starter Kit” to the wiki ensures that it is always up-to-date. As our culture changes and we document those changes on the wiki, “The New Realm Starter Kit” is automatically updated.

Of course, just as the BoW is too sparse for new members, printing the entire wiki would be too robust. New pages, like this one, will be needed to tie the necessary components together creating a customizable new member resource.

My vision is to take Xipher’s book and wikify it. Create a unifying page, like a TOC, so that by following and printing each link in the TOC you create a fully up-to-date rulebook for the game. Then I want to tie that wiki-book to Cib’s content (waivers, posters, “fill in the blank” charters, etc.) so that prospective realms can get the most up-to-date versions of that content as well. I want to do this with as much pre-existing information as possible, using a few new wiki pages to tie pre-existing ones together and create this quasi document. Essentially I want the Community Portal to do what I tell it to and print itself as a book. Or more, I don’t want to see a new wheel every time someone wants a “Streamlined BoW” or “New Realm Kit.”

Then I’d like to extend this project to include ‘optional’ material (or advanced, experimental, or whatever) that isn’t essential to a “Belegarth Rulebook,” but that some may find useful. So that when printing updated books, one could print all the ‘essential’ content (omitting only at their own risk) but also pick and choose from the more advanced ‘optional’ content.

For example, my Realm will be located on a military base which has strict rules about possession of weapons (like bows). Because of this, while it is still important for members to know about archery rules, knowing how to construct arrows isn’t essential to my realm. We will simply never have the opportunity to fight with them. Dur-Demarion on the other hand may want to include this info because “How do I make arrows?” is a frequent question from new members.


Beren Fellspear posted to the board that a kit should be created that contain these things

  • Generic Adult Waivers
  • Generic Minor Waivers
  • A document that contains the most recent how-to's, or links to them
  • A sample constitution for a University group (required for most groups to register as student organizations) and a sample constitution for a non-university group
  • A current contact list for Belegarth's national officers, updated every year
  • A document describing the process, specifically, for how to get a group recognized a first a "speaking" realm and then a "voting" realm at war council (currently, this info is buried in the BoW)
  • A slick-looking, current BoW.
  • A recruiting handbill that can be modified for the specific group's time and locations business card size or 1/4 sheet)
  • A recruting poster that can be modified, as well (full 8.5x11 or 8.5x14)
  • A resources guide for popular vendors, so new groups know reputable online sources for gear and garb (perhaps we can use this item as a way to generate some ad revenue).
  • A document/page with credits for all of the materials included, so that credit is given where credit is due for things like writing, design, etc.


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