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This realm charter is based on the Nan-Belegorn charter. The only edits made have been to remove places / names and to wikifi it.

Further discussion of what should and should not go in a realm charter would be beneficial.


What Should A Charter Include?

What Should A Charter NOT Include?

Sample War Council Charter

[Your Realm Name] Medieval Re-Creation Society
Foam Fighting Realm of [Your City, State]
War Council Charter

The points here forth are the rules unique to [Your Realm Name] Medieval Combat Society. These rules are [Your Realm Name]'s addition to the Book of War, rule book of Belegarth Medieval Combat Society written by Kegg of Numenor.

  1. Participation
    1. In order to participate in a local event, you must be of at least 16 years of age.
  2. General Rules
    1. Any battle exceeding 12 participants shall be overseen by at least one herald. Any battle exceeding 25 participants shall be overseen by at least two heralds.
    2. All weapons must be checked and marked by the Master of Field Safety or an assistant thereof approved for weapon checking before they are used in combat.
    3. When killed fall to the ground and remove any weapons from your hands. Otherwise proclaim yourself "dead" in a loud clear voice, hold your weapon or hand above your head and move away from the fighting area.
  3. Classes of [Your Realm Name]
    1. There are to be 3 classes of Nan Belegorn: The council, the citizenship, and the mercenaries. These classes and their rights, duties, and privileges are described in the outlines below.
      1. The Council
        1. Is to consist of five Citizens of the realm
        2. The following Council seats are to be specifically run for:
          • Monarch
          • Secretary
          • Public Relations Manager
          • Inter realm liaison/Event Organizer
          • Master of Field Safety
        3. Powers and Duties of Seats and Council
          1. Monarch:
            • Coordinator of the Realm and Council
            • Plans for the future of the realm. Outlines what needs done for recruitment, event planning, etc. then assigns people to do it individually or through committees/teams.
          2. Secretary:
            • The secretary should be the MOST "in-the-know" person in the realm on national and local business concerning Belegarth. The Monarch should be second or equal. All council people and people assigned to tasks by council people should keep the Secretary and King informed of their work.
            • Keeps group waivers on file
            • Runs daily business and announcements at practice
            • Runs elections/Keeps Records of elections
            • Records law changes in [Your Realm Name]'s charter
            • Keeps non-weapon group funds
            • Communicates closely with the Web Master as to what needs posted. (Or more preferably IS the web master)
          3. Public Relations Manager:
            • Communicates with necessary outside parties on behalf of [Your Realm Name](campgrounds, places of advertisement, [Your School's Name] etc.)
            • Serves as president for the [Your School's Name] group
          4. Inter Realm Liaison/Event Organizer:
            • Communicates with other realms
            • Serves on council for the Iowa Kingdom
            • Coordinates Nan Belegorn's contributions of help to other inter realm events
          5. Master of Field Safety
            • Knowledgeable of the Book of War, Heralding, Weapon Check, and Training new members.
            • Assigns heralds for battle
            • Approves and assigns weapon checkers and trainers
        4. Powers of Council members:
          • Can propose change to law
          • Each council member gets one vote in making changes to law
          • Moderator privileges on the web board.
          • Council members are to do their assigned tasks and appoint other members of the realm as needed to fulfill jobs that maintain the realm. If an appointed member of the realm is unable to fulfill a task they are assigned to, they are to let the council member know immediately.
          • The council nominates among themselves a representative and alternate for National War Council. The monarch and secretary are recommended but do not necessarily fill the positions
        5. Duties of Council members
          • ALL council persons should have regular access to the internet and email so they are aware of group activity through the mailing group and web site.
          • All council persons are to have moderating privileges on the mailing group and are to take responsibility frequently checking/approving messages as needed.
          • ALL council persons are to CONSISTENTLY attend practices and events. Attending practice a minimum of every other week is imperative to maintain these positions. Prolonged absences are to be allowed only for vacations, illness, and other unordinary circumstances. If a council person does not show at scheduled practice for three consecutive weeks without communicating a written explanation to the council or [Your Realm Name] as a whole, they are to be dismissed and a replacement is to be selected by the remaining council members. Work is not an excuse. Council people who work are expected adjust their schedules such that they can regularly attend practice and fulfill their commitment to the Council of [Your Realm Name].
      2. The Citizenship
        1. Requirements:
          • Signed waiver on file with the Secretary
          • Minimal Garb
          • Fighting name
          • Active in Nan Belegorn for at least one month
          • Maintains at least one personal weapon that passes safety check.
        2. Expectations of Citizens:
          • Provide leadership to the realm
          • Provide aid to the council when called upon
          • Attend events in as much as circumstance allow
          • Dress in garb/by fighting name at any NB function the citizen attends
          • Will act for the improvement of NB at all times(i.e. being a positive representative of the realm)
        3. Privileges of Citizens:
          • May elect Council persons
          • May be elected to the Council
          • May serve in auxiliary leadership roles
          • May attend and speak in council meetings, however may not vote
        4. Parameters of Citizenship status:
          • As long as you maintain all requirements of a Citizen, you are considered a Citizen
      3. The Mercenaries
        • All who do not meet the requirements of a Citizen
  4. Council Rules
    1. All votes in the war council shall operate on a straight majority ruling.
    2. All council members are required to vote on every issue by the end of a council meeting.
    3. An amendment to the rules can be proposed by a council member at any time. If the proposal is made during a real time meeting, it will be voted on by the end of that meeting. If it is proposed by word of mouth, a period of one week maximum shall pass before it is voted on.
  5. Election Rules
    1. Only citizens can vote in elections. Each citizen may vote once for each council seat.
    2. There are to be elections the first week of August and the first week of March each year. They are run by the Secretary.
    3. You must be a Citizen in order to run for a council seat. You must run for a specific council seat. Each council seat is given to the person who wins the majority of votes for election to that particular seat.
      1. In the case of a tie, the challengers will have a runoff campaign that lasts four days. All previous votes are erased and citizens revote for their chosen candidate between the two. At the end of the runoff campaign, the person with the most votes will win. If a tie goes unbroken, the remainder of the council will choose which of the candidates will join the council.
  6. Other Realm Positions(all of which are to be held by people of at least citizen status)
    1. There is to be one keeper of the community armory. This person should be well versed in weapon making as well as capable to host weapon making and help newer warriors build a variety of weapons. They must also have transportation to regular battle that provides space for the community weapon stock, and must come consistently as to provide the weapon stock for battle. They also must keep the armory treasury and records for community foam forging. (i.e. who paid for what, receipts for materials, etc.)
    2. One member of the realm with web building experience is needed to maintain a web site for Nan Belegorn Belegarth and update it as needed. A list of all people holding titles or positions (as denoted by the charter: such as council members and their seat, Field General, etc.) should be kept very current somewhere on the web site, as well as current news/announcements.

University Charter

  1. [University Name] Belegarth
  2. The purpose of this para-athletic group is to have fun safely by recreating historic medieval combat with padded hand-to-hand weapons. We will practice weekly, compete with other fighting groups, and attend national events.
  3. Three officers will be the representatives of the organization. They are the President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.
    1. All officers duties will be to maintain the rules and guidelines created by [Local Area] Medieval Combat Club and ensure that the organization is open to all [University Name] students and that safety is at all times maintained.
    2. Responsibilities of the President include:
      • Representing the organization to [University Name] and the [Local Area] Combat Club.
    3. Responsibilities of the Vice President:
      • To take over for the President in the case of absense for whatever reason.
    4. Responsibilities of the Secretary/ Treasurer:
      • Maintain a current roster of members of the organization.
      • Inform members of any events, practices, and meetings.
      • Keep track of any monies that may pass through the organization.
  4. Election of Officers:
    1. Qualifications:
      • Must be a [University Name] Student
      • Must have participated in the organization for a minimum of 1 semester.
    2. Process of Election:
      • A new election will take place at the beginning of each school year.
      • There is no term limits for Officers.
  5. Provision for ratification and amendment.
    1. Ratification and amendment to the [University Name] organizations constitution must be approved by all three officers.
    2. The [University Name] officers may be overruled by a two-thirds majority vote of all active [University Name] members.
  6. Organization Financing.
    1. Majority of the organizations financing will be the responsibility of the [Local Area] Combat Club.
    2. Any additional funding for the organization through the university will be restricted to [University Name] Belegarth.
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