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Some good things to have for food should be based on the location of fighting, the temperature, and potentially the style of fighter that the event coordinator is, if this is apart of a squires duty.

If it is nice weather and the fighting field is not a mud puddle, nor a wasteland, then varying foods will appeal to all appetites and you wont have to worry about adding to climate problems, like by giving people bowls of hot steaming soup on a very hot and/or wet day, thus adding to it. You do not want to give people hot dry bread on a dry day when people are prone to be drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, thus giving people the feeling that they are being fed crappy food that makes their mouths dry, even more then the current environment does.

On a nice day when its not too humid, hot, cold, rainy, dry, etc, you can do a good balanced meal with lots of options. Even though it is moderately warm, but not too warm, you could serve soups as a side dish, or an alternative meal for anyone that cant/wont eat the main course. Fruit is good because it can be used to make fruit salads, fruit punch, or pies for deserts. Meats are great because it is not only a delicious meal but also plays on a psychological instinct to tear into some meat after aggressive battle. Certain veggies are good as well, like: mushrooms, onions, potatoes, corn, etc. Mushrooms can be prepared sauteed, uncooked and covered in ranch based on a person's taste, or stuffed. Onions can be good to saute, as an add on to foods like burgers, or hot dogs. Potatoes can be used in things like potato salad, mashed potatoes, boiled red potatoes, etc. Sweet corn is a good piece because of its inexpensiveness, but also its great taste based on the time of year. One full corn ear can be chopped in half and given to 2 people, thus double how far one ear can go, thus stretching the budget. --Izanaki

Chikun Stoo

  • --Ingredients--
    • You only need 3 things to make this stew (amounts are per person)
    • 1 package of chicken ramen
    • 1 packet of chicken gravy mix
    • 1 small can of chicken (drained)
  • --Prep--
    • 1. First, prepare the ramen as normal.
    • 2. Then add the gravy mix.
    • 3. Stir until almost all of the clumps are gone.
    • 4. Add the chicken.
    • 5. Stir until the chicken is heated through.
    • 6. Distribute and devour!!!

--Recipe courtesy of Nan Belegorn


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