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This is a collection of Belegarth Documents


Official Belegarth Documents

This is a collection of Official Belegarth Documents such as Articles of incorporation, By-laws and Mission Statement. These pages may be locked by the Sigops of the Wiki to prevent tampering and protect the purity of the documents.

War Council Minutes

At Chaos Wars and Armageddon's traditionaly a War council is held and minutes are taken while topics are discussed.

Financial Records

Some Treasurers around Belegarth post their groups financial records. This is a collection of such records.

Newspaper Articles

When a chapter of Belegarth makes it into the Newspaper you can share links to their pages here!

[[1]] [[2]] [[3]]


Certain publications of Belegarth are often very popular, Sorcia's Packing list and Kyrian's Squire tasks are just a few.


Each realm has waivers and Sign in sheets that they use. Here is a sort of collection of sheets.


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