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Insignia of the Clan of the Hydra
Clan of the Hydra Banner @ Oktoberfest '05

Clan of the Hydra is a unit that began as a realm based in Madison, Wisconsin. Oktoberfest 2004 was their first inter-realm event. During the summer of 2005, they participated in the Chicago-area mini-events, which included hosting their first event in August with an estimated attendance of 90 fighters.

In spring of 2006, Clan of the Hydra joined The Iron Crown and reorganized as a unit. The realm in Madison where it all began was renamed Rhûn.

The Unit's Symbol: The elaborate symbol for the unit represents the four founders of Hydra: Kayle, Sorbo, Djet and Rook. While they are no longer active in Belegarth, they will be remembered as key part of Hydra's history, both in our hearts and on our tabards.

Clan of the Hydra focuses on group tactics over individual fighting skill and trains heavily with support weaponry such as bows, spears, and glaives. This is by no means an entrance requirement, and as of late, Hydra has been shifting to encompass all walks of Belegrim, from the combatants to non-coms.

The rank system for Clan of the Hydra is fairly simple. Newcomers ask, or are asked, to become petitioners, pending a decision from one of the Commanders as to whether or not they are Hydra material. From there, they are upgraded to Guards. Guards form the majority of the unit, but if a guard wants added responsibility they can run for Tribune, a temporary semi-leadership position. Leadership is comprised of Commanders. There are three Specialty Commanders in the leadership: Lord, High Commander, as well as, Viscount. The Lord's purview is all matters off of the field while the High Commander commands all matters on the field. Viscount is the Lord/High Commander Hybrid for the Western portion of Hydra. Once a Commander feels it's time for new blood to take over they can ascend to the role of High Guard. This role is functionally a Guard, but with the added title to denote their contribution to the unit.

We're not the type of unit to wander obscenely drunk from camp to camp causing problems. Clan of the Hydra can be summed up like this; we help each other, we help out events, and we can hang out with each other socially. We earn respect through virtue.

Unit Officers:

  • Peanut - Lord (Muxlovia)
  • Ruby - High Commander (Carthage)
  • Kyrian - Viscount (Andor)
  • Tails - Commander (Morva)


  • Tress - Tribune (Muxlovia)
  • Sabre - Tribune (Carthage)

High Guards:

  • Kayle - Formerly Lord (Rhun)
  • Meat - Formerly Lord (Muxlovia)
  • Gypsie Rose - Formerly Lord (Muxlovia)
  • Kaladin - Formerly High Commander (Carthage)
  • Chicken - Formerly Commander (Byzantium)
  • Sorbo - Formerly Commander (Abroad)
  • Peregrine - Formerly Commander (Muxlovia)
  • Tulio - Formerly Commander (Rhun)
  • Winter - Formerly Commander (Andor)

Unit Guards:

Honorary Members

  • Elwrath- Honorary (Somewhere West)

Unit Petitioners:

  • Apollo- Petitioner (Rhun)
  • Taurus - Petitioner (Dunharrow)
  • Fievel - Petitioner (Wolfpack)
  • Pants - Petitioner (Carthage)
  • Maske - Petitioner (Carthage)
  • Sylph - Petitioner (Nan Belegorn)
  • Mimic - Petitioner (Morva)
  • Farzu - Petitioner (Morva)
  • Banjax - Petitioner (Morva)

The Honored Fallen:


Clan of the Hydra at Rhun Closer 2013
Clan of the Hydra at Armageddon 2016

Hydra and extended at Gypsie Rose and Peanut's wedding.

Clan of the Hydra at Battle for the Ring 2020

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