Knightfall Mini 2014: A Season of Fire

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Date: May 25th, 2014

Location: Marilla Park, Streator, IL 61364

Realm Host: The Kingdom of Knightfall

Attendance: 35


11:00 AM - Weapons Check Begins 

12:30 PM - Weapons Check Closes and Lunch is Served. (Skirmishes and dueling allowed between lunch and official scenario battles begin.)

1:30 PM - Official Event Scenario Battles Begin

3:00 PM - Event Scenario Battles End, Line Battles and Other Scenarios Begin.

5:00 PM - Pack Up and Go Home

Event Scenario:

It is a time of turbulence within the Kingdom of Knightfall. The realm faces daily invasions of barbarians, scavengers, and treasure hunters from the outlying lands. The mercenaries once hired to defend the kingdom now turn against it. The Triad is broken. A cult of necromancers seek out a power that would throw the world into darkness. It is a time of change; a time of war. It is the Season of Fire.

Stemming the Tide (1:30-1:45)


The mercenaries that Knightfall once employed have now turned against the realm, as funds have dried up, and promises broken. Several of the warlords have banded together in order to claim their price from the kingdom in blood or gold. It is up to the Knightfall outpost to keep these warlords at bay while aid arrives from the south.


This game is a hybrid of “Ring the Bell” and “Thermopylae” battles. There are two teams in this event; the mercenaries and the outpost guards. The mercenaries must get through the outpost defenses and set the watchtower ablaze. The catch is that there is only one path to the tower, and that is through a narrow canyon with a broad mouth.

Time Limit: 15 minutes

Objectives: Defenders must successfully stop the invasion by keeping mercenaries from the tower for 15 minutes. Mercenaries must successfully breach the defenses and make their way through the valley and up to the tower within the 15 minutes allotted.

Buffs: If the defenders can successfully keep the mercenaries away for 10 minutes, they gain a morale boost that grants all blue weapons red damage for the final five minutes.

Regeneration Rules (Instant upon touching spawn point): Mercenaries get unlimited lives in this match, but must return to their original spawn point in order to reenter the match. Defenders have five lives each for this match, and regenerate by returning to the watch tower at the end of the valley.

Knightfall Vaults Battle (2:00-2:20)


The legendary vaults of Knightfall's Shadowed Barrows are being assaulted by other mercenary forces which slipped through the cracks of the realm's failing defenses. The realm's Outriders answers the call for help defending Knightfall, and the world, from the evils that could be unleashed from these dark tombs. Unbeknownst to the Outriders, these invaders are not simple barbarians...


You will be on one of two teams: Team A, the Invaders, or Team B, the Outriders. Invaders spawn on the opposite side of the field as the Outriders do. The invaders must retrieve all relics from their tombs. Relics can be returned to the tombs by Outriders. Anyone who grabs a relic must drop all weapons and equipment. ONLY THE RELIC MUST BE IN YOUR HANDS.

Time Limit: 20 minutes

Objectives: The game ends under the following conditions:

1) The Outriders lose all lives and are defeated.

2) The Invaders successfully capture all relics/treasure on the field.

3) The clock runs out with the Outriders successfully defending the tombs.

Buffs: The Outriders gain an additional life for every five minutes that passes. The Invaders gain plague weapons in the final five minutes of the match that cause instant death upon a single hit.

Regeneration Rules (Instant upon touching spawn point): Invaders have unlimited regeneration, but must return to their original spawn point. Outriders begin with four lives, but can gain a life for every five minutes that passes in the match.

Crossing the Brink (2:30-2:40/45)


The Triad has been broken. A power struggle exists between the two remaining heirs to Knightfall's thrones. Without the third, the ancient promise has been broken, and peace cannot exist. With the vaults temporarily secured, attention is returned to deciding who shall stand, and who shall fall. Argemex has been captured, and his guard has been forced into temporary retreat. His soldiers make a desperate last ditch effort to free the Lieutenant of Knightfall.

Time Limit: 10-15 minutes

Objectives: Rescuers must successfully get Argemex from his prison cell to outside of the stronghold. Guards must keep the Rescuers from getting Argemex outside of the stronghold.

Teams: 40% of the fighters are guards, 1 is Argemex, the rest are rescuers.

Equipment: Guards get any weapons they want. Rescuers are single blue. Argemex is unarmed.


Argemex begins inside the prison cell. The Rescuers begin at the designated spawn point. Guards can place themselves wherever they want within the stronghold. The Rescuers must reach Argemex and tag him before he can leave his cell. Once Argemex escapes, he can be tagged by a Guard, who must then escort him back to the prison cell. Both sides can intercept each other and interrupt the escort.

Argemex cannot enter directly into combat, but he can grapple with the Guards if he hasn't been tagged by one first, therefore making it easier for Rescuers to kill the Guards.

Guards must escort Argemex back to his cell. They cannot tag him and return to battle, or else Argemex is free to escape once again. Rescuers do not have to escort Argemex in order for him to escape.

Death in the Ranks (3:00-3:15)


Argemex and D'nok's forces meet on the field of battle for one final, decisive clash. All that will decide the victor is who has the most brute strength and guile.

Rules: This battle is a skirmish/line battle. Regular combat rules apply.

The Coming of the Four (3:15-3:45)


Distracted by their petty squabbles, the remaining forces of Knightfall were oblivious to the workings of the necromancers, who have finally found a way to resurrect a dark force that means the end of days. Four Horsemen. Pale riders on white horses with tremendous powers of death and decay. The Apocalypse has begun in Knightfall. Can it be stopped before it spreads to other realms?


This battle is a resource/hero style match. The Four Horsemen begin with their respective powers, along with two minions each. These minions can either follow the Horseman around, or guard his/her respective relic. The humans have a Paladin champion that can bring fallen allies back to life. Both the Horsemen and the Paladin have unlimited regeneration unless their relics are captured by the opposing force, in which case that player loses his/her immortality and only has the one life they are currently using.

Relics can be recaptured in order to return immortality to either the Horseman or the Paladin, but if the player is killed before the relic is secured, then that player is out for the match.

Regeneration Rules: Humans must remain dead on the field until either the Paladin or a Horseman resurrects him/her. Horsemen resurrect the dead as skeletal minions by a count to ten. The Paladin resurrects the dead by a count to three. The Horsemen and the Paladin both have unlimited lives as long as all relics are at their spawn points. Both have instant regeneration once touching the spawn point. When a relic has been captured, the person tied to that relic becomes mortal and lives their last life at that point, unless the relic is secured before he/she dies. Any skeleton under the control of a Horseman dies along with the Horsemen, and must be resurrected either by the touch of a Horseman or the Paladin. Humans resurrected by the Paladin stay alive even if the Paladin dies.

The Horsemen


When militia try to strike Famine, they suddenly feel weakened and their hits seem to do less damage.

Famine has full body armor.

Famine can target one human per life and make the human drop all equipment until Famine dies by pointing at the human and crying out, “WEAKEN!” The Paladin is exempt from this rule.


He thrives where you fail. He takes what you give. An Eye For An Eye.

Death regenerates a limb for every limb he takes from an enemy. When he scores a kill he regenerates all limbs lost.

Death can also feast on his minions to regain limbs. Whatever limb he needs, the minion must give.


His weapon bears disease and plague. A mere touch is all that is needed to feel its sting.

Pestilence has plague weapon. It causes instant death when it strikes any legal target area.

Pestilence can also send forth one minion at a time that carries its own plague weapon, but the minion can only suffer one hit before also dying.


His strikes are more powerful than that of ten men combined. With ease he destroys all that is in his path.

War chooses any one weapon he carries to be a red weapon, which must only strike with enough force for its class of weapon. He may not choose class 3 or class 4 weapons for this ability.

War can select one living target of his/her choosing per life to instantly turn on his/her human allies and become a minion of War by pointing at the target human and crying out “WAR!” The Paladin is exempt from this rule.

Minions and Humans

Both sides behave as typical combatants with normal “hit points.”

The Paladin

The Paladin brings any fallen ally back to life by counting to 3. The Paladin can also instantly turn one minion back to life once per his/her own life by pointing at the target minion and crying out “LIVE!”


The match ends in the following ways:

1)The Paladin and humans successfully capture all four of the dark relics and kill the Four Horsemen and their minions/guardians.

2)The Four Horsemen and their minions/guardians capture the Paladin's relic, kill the Paladin, and defeat the human forces.

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