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And Lo: The forces of Chaos amassed, claiming all varieties of souls to use in it’s unholy crusade. A singularity mired in mystery formed among this world, and from this tear in the warp emerged a warship. With great force, it crashed into the Highlands of Chaos, spewing forth warriors from it’s ruined hull. These beings spread across the land, leaving naught in their wake but death, destruction and a name on the stuttering lips of the rare survivor: JUGGERNAUTS.

One can still hear their warcry:

Ego autem Juggernaut, canicula!


The Juggernaut Creed

Nos adoremus Deorum chao: Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch, Slaanesh et Malal. De stamine venimus cum ira in oculis meis. Vigilate tua sumus mundo, et ardebit usque ad cantabo Juggernaut gloria.

Translated to the common tongue:

We worship the Gods of Chaos: Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, and Malal. From the warp we come, with wrath in our eyes. We watch as your world burns and sing to the glory of the Juggernauts.

The Juggernaut's Voyage: From Chaos to Unity

Once upon a time, in a land filled with chaos and strife, there sailed a warship unlike any other. This vessel, forged by the very gods of Chaos themselves, carried upon its decks the most fearsome warriors the realm had ever seen: The Juggernauts. Together, these warriors embarked on an epic and brutal campaign, casting their shadow over the lands and leaving naught but death and destruction in their wake. Their name became legend, whispered in fear by the rare survivors who dared to speak of them.

As the years passed, the Juggernauts grew closer, bound not only by their shared worship of the Gods of Chaos but also by the unbreakable bonds of brotherhood. They fought side by side, shared their victories and defeats, and reveled in the glory of battle. And, as they did so, they learned that there was more to life than just the chaos they sowed. The Juggernauts discovered that, in their unity and shared purpose, they had found something even greater than their individual might: a family.

At Chaos Opener 2023, the winds of change blew through the ranks of the Juggernauts. Though their thirst for battle remained unquenched, they decided that the time had come to "return to port" and end their brutal campaign. For, as the last embers of their war-forged fires began to fade, they knew that they had forged something that would endure far beyond the fleeting glory of the battlefield.

The Juggernauts chose to become a house, a place of unity and fellowship for those who had once been consumed by the fires of chaos. Though they laid down their arms, the brothers knew that their bond was eternal. They vowed that, should the day come when one of them called for aid, the others would answer without hesitation.

The Ranks of The Juggernauts

Cultist- An initiate rank for those seeking entry into the Juggernauts where juggernauts exist, but who are unavailable to take on an acolyte at the time. Cultists wait to be taken under the wing of a Juggernaut but are individuals who have been accepted as petitioning members of the unit - but not full members. This is a chance for the individual to get to know the unit. Cultists are allowed to camp with the Juggernauts.

Acolyte- A trial rank to help induct and train potential Juggernauts. To become an Acolyte, a Juggernaut must take an interested individual (usually a cultist) under their wing, vouching for them and even training them if need be. A Juggernaut may only take on one Acolyte at a time, save in special circumstances that are approved by the Council of Malal.

Chosen- The rank of Chosen is that of an official member of the Juggernauts. Once an Acolyte has retained their rank for at least six months and completed all other requirements of that rank, they may petition to become a Chosen. After gaining approval of 4/5ths of voting Juggernaut members, the Acolyte may attempt a barrel trial at any event where a majority of active Juggernauts of all ranks (including acolytes, honorary members, as well as stand-in fighters for injured or non-combatant Juggernauts) are in attendance. Upon surviving the barrel, the Acolyte gains the rank of Chosen and is formally welcomed into the Juggernauts.

Non-Combatants are required to complete some non-combat related form of entrance in order to achieve full “Juggernaut” status. Because non-combatant skills vary greatly, each non-combatant task will be addressed on an individual basis.

Harbinger - In the rare case when one wants to become a Juggernaut but none are available to mentor them, the Council of Malal, IN ADDITION to the 4/5ths majority of Juggernauts may vote to make them a Harbinger. Harbingers act on the same level as Acolytes until they are successfully barrelled or complete their non-combatant entry task.

Honorary Juggernaut- When a fighter shows him or herself to be deserving, or worthy of merit, who is not one of the Juggernauts, may be dubbed an honorary juggernaut by Council. The Honorary rank functions identical to the Acolyte rank but without any of the responsibility. Honorary Members if they chose, may bypass the Acolyte rank entirety.

The Last Chancers- In the case of some who have been particularly foolish in their activities and violated the code of conduct, after a certain amount of strikes against them, they are relegated to the Last Chancers. These pathetic individuals are considered the lowest of the low in the unit and must work hard to earn back their titles. Last Chancers are individuals who have already been stripped of everything, and to show that they are of nothing and possibly on their way out of the unit due to their own stupidity must wear only black on the field, and are not allowed to wear the symbols of the Juggernaut. Only the council of Malal can lift a person out of this deplorable state.

The Path Ranks

Follower- A Chosen who has chosen their Primary Path and completed the associated trial(s) is referred to as a “Follower of (chosen Chaos God)” and may take their associated Chaos Symbol upon their garb and equipment. Followers are the baseline of Chaos path entry and may learn a variety of skills in their endeavours to advance.

Champion- A Champion of a path is someone who demonstrates a great degree of mastery over what the path entails. The rank of champion is the highest shared rank one can achieve on a given path (meaning there can be more than one Champion). Champions may line their Chaos symbol in gold to denote their status.

Chaos Lord- The Chaos Lords are chosen by the Council of Malal, but Champions seeking the title must declare their intention to be elevated to Chaos Lord to the council and must be approved by a 4/5ths vote. The Chaos Lord functions as an office and serves at the pleasure of the Council of Malal until such a time as they are replaced or retired.

The greatest of all the Champions of their path, the Chaos Lord organizes and steers their path towards further greatness. As such, the Chaos Lords lead the Juggernauts in their path and are in charge of things pertaining to the skills of a given path.

Daemon Lord- Chaos Lords that have held their rank for at least two years and have continually shown positive contributions to the Juggernauts may transcend to Daemon Lord with the permission and recognition of the Council of Malal. This is a Legacy Title which solidifies your place in the Pantheon of Juggernauts. The title of Daemon Lord is not given out lightly. Only those who have truly earned it by continuous beneficial action for the Juggernauts may be given this title by the Council of Malal.

Daemon Lords may continue to act as Chaos Lord but may retire and allow someone else to take over the responsibility of Chaos Lord, while maintaining the Rank of Demon Lord, instead of resuming the Rank of Champion. Their Ring of Flame is marked with a Daemonic Taint.

Daemon Primarch- There are none currently worthy of this honour. Requirements are not yet set in stone. Perhaps there will be one worthy of this one day - one who has completed all trials in all paths successfully or accomplished something truly magnificent. Time will tell...

The Council of Malal

The ruling Council of up to 11 Juggernauts. They are responsible for making decisions on-page and promotions. While a seat on the Council is highly valued and a great honour, it is completely voluntary. Any decision must be ratified by a 4/5ths majority. To become a Doomed One, one must first claim the rank of Chosen, and hold at least that rank for a complete season.

The Four Paths

Khorne “Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the SKull throne” Those who follow this path primarily wish to fight with and eventually lead, the forces of the Juggernauts in battle. Their goal is to better their own fighting ability and that of their unit above all else. These are the merciless and highly competitive killers among the Juggernauts. Those who aspire to greatness along the path of Khorne test their battle prowess more often, and with greater fervour, than those working towards other paths.

Slaanesh "Embrace your hunger, your lust, your desire. The universe is ours for the taking!" Those who follow this path are the support and polearm roles; they guard our backs and support our front line rushes. These are the elegant killers. However, combat is by no means their main role - as it is with Khorne. Those following the path of The Dark Prince primarily grow the hedonistic pleasure palace that is Juggernaut camp, in an attempt to turn the camp into a glorious temple devoted to the God of Pleasure, Passion, and Decadence. Lust, pride and self-indulgence are the hallmarks of all who follow Slaanesh, but these individuals watch over their fellow Juggernauts and promote camp life and all of the incredible things that happen in the Palatial Estate of the Juggernauts.

Nurgle "Buboes, phlegm, blood and guts! Boils, bogeys, rot and pus! Blisters, fevers, weeping sores! From your wounds the fester pours." Those who follow this path are the crafters, the ones who maintain the armoury. Nurglings are our tanks; they are essentially mobile walls, people who want to protect the rest of us and mould the flow of battle to their will.

Tzeentch "Do not ask which creature screams in the night. Do not question who waits for you in the shadow. It is my cry that wakes you in the night, and my body that crouches in the shadow. I am Tzeentch and you are the puppet that dances to my tune..." Those who follow this path are the lorekeepers, those who weave the stories and keep the traditions true. These individuals keep the records of the juggernauts and weave the stories of their warrior in with the fates and sands of time. These individuals are responsible for keeping track of the codex, taking notes at official meetings, and conducting ceremonies for the unit as a whole, as well as furthering Belegarth culture and exploring intellectual pursuits of fighting.

Juggernaut Code of Conduct

A Juggernaut must at all times keep his/her unit in mind while conducting themselves in any official Juggernaut capacity whether inside or out of events. Keeping that in mind we are aware that certain situations may crop up that we need to be prepared for. I am proposing a 5 strike system that works as follows.

  • Strike 1: Verbal Warning
  • Strike 2: Forced Labor (As defined by whatever needs the unit might have at the time.)
  • Strike 3: Stripped of all Titles and Battlefield achievements
  • Strike 4: Confiscation of belt flag and conscription to the "Last Chancers"
  • Strike 5: Excommunication

All strikes would be voted on by the current council members and a 3/5th's majority would ratify a strike.

Strike Worthy Offenses

  • Excessive Sloughing (Only if repeated attempts to correct this with a person would this become strike worthy but at some point, it could be.)
  • SJW/Flaming/Trolling (Basically anything in social media or public that you do that makes you look bad could and usually does reflect on the rest of us and therefore could become an issue.)
  • Physical or Verbal abuse (Anything that you do intoxicated or not to ruin someone else's time can and will be an issue.)

New offences can be added at any time by proposing a vote to the current council and ratifying said offence by a 3/5th's majority.


As of Battle for the Ring X, the Juggernauts have a cooperative alliance with the Dark Brotherhood and are welcome in their camps. Likewise, the Dark Brotherhood finds themselves welcome company among the Juggernauts.

Unit members

  • Beta, Follower of Tzeentch, Follower of Nurgle, Champion of Khorne
  • Biggs, the Creator and Breaker of Walls, Follower of Slaanesh, Follower of Khorne, Champion of Nurgle
  • Squire Gaston the beautiful, the Vein, friend of Beta, Champion of Nurgle, Daemon Lord of Khorne
  • Sir Nickel
  • Squire Skald, Follower of Khorne, Champion of Slaanesh, Champion of Tzeentch
  • Vlad The Ancient, Champion of Slaanesh, Chaos Lord of Slaanesh
  • Squire Buliwyf, Sine Braccas, Morrigan Witch, Champion of Slaanesh
  • Beast, Champion of Slaanesh
  • Screwdriver, Harbinger
  • Squire Darri, a follower of Khorne
  • Lons, a follower of Khorne
  • Squire Scuba Steve, a follower of Nurgle, a follower of Slaanesh
  • Sir Leaf Autumnsonge, Harbinger
  • Guy
  • Pirate King Rumbeard
  • Pirate Queen Fangesta
  • Master Sven the Apothecary, follower of Nurgle
  • Leela




Honorary Members


The Juggernauts at Chaos Wars 2019
thumb The Juggernauts at Highlands of Chaos Opener 2020
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Biggs and Squire Skald at BFtR 2018. Photo by E$
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