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Beta Halfsight Warsmoke


Realm: Shannara/Alvara
Unit: The Juggernauts, Reavers of De Treba Mora, Honorary member of Black Rose Order
Weapon Proficiencies: Sword and Board/Red/Spear
Fighting Since: 2012
Events Attended: WoF, Twald, Thaw Brawl, Highlands of Chaos Opener, Chaos Wars, Frozen Warriors, Western Wars and War of the Gate
Personal History: Beta started fighting in 2012 and quickly co-founded "The Juggernauts." This combat oriented unit is focused on improving their skills and creating a place for like minded individuals to be accepted and grow together. Since this time, he remains as the original founding member and has seen the unit grow to include a variety of individuals, including a few non-combat members. Beta has proudly seen the unit grow and bring together a group of fun, like-minded individuals - as was the original intent.

Beta earned his nickname, Halfsight, after sustaining eye injuries and still returning to fight battles on the fields of glory. Despite dealing with these issues, Beta has continued to fight alongside the Juggernauts and strive for victory.

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