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Biggs, The Wall


Other Titles: Champion of Nurgle
Race: Demon Possessed Human
Realm: Shannara/Alvara
Unit: The Juggernauts, Reavers of De-Treba Mora
Preferred style: Sword and Board
Accolades: Updates incoming
Events Attended: Frozen Warriors 2016,2017,2018, Opener 2017,2018,2019, Thaw Brawl 2016, 2017, War of the Forbidding XII,XIII,XIV Chaos Wars XIX, XX, XXI, XII, BFTR XI,XII

Personal Lore: The Largest of the Juggernauts can be spotted from all the way across the battlefield, boasting a size and strength that few others can match. He is Biggs, and he is a wall of a human being. Though he is fierce on the field of battle, in camp life he is a steadfast companion, loyal friend, and stout drinking buddy. Indeed, his laughter can often be heard throughout the loud camps at events such as War of the Forbidden, Chaos Wars, and Thaw Brawl.

Head of Security at Chaos XXII.

In line battles, Biggs attempts to be the rock upon which the water parts. Using his significant height to his advantage. His patented "Biggs Rush" will split a line when called to do so, as his sheer size and momentum clear a path even if he is felled in combat. He makes use of large shields, and works well to protect the rest of his unit mates in battle, often pairing with a spear or glaivesman.

His talents don't end at fighting - Biggs is one of the Juggernaut's primary foamsmiths, and owns and maintains the workshop where the Juggernauts create their weaponry. Much of the weaponry and shields that the Juggernauts wear have had Biggs' handiwork in it in some capacity. Additionally, Biggs is a master of field repairs and has been the saving grace of many a fighter at an event. As such, his unit is thankful for his presence, and so are many neighboring camps. Because of this, he is a champion of Nurgle -and therefore allows his fellows to continue the fight in the name of Chaos.

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