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Nimloth the Fair and her stars

At one time, Numenor had been a thriving realm with many fighters and many units; however, that all changed over the years. Real world things (families, school, etc.) started to take its toll and the numbers dropped drastically. It was during this period that four Numenoreans realized that there should change, if the group was going to continue to thrive. Angelus Phoenix (Angel), Matthias, Q. Horatius... (Horus), and Shrike Fletcher had seen the problems that the realm was facing: a smaller influx of new members, a steady loss of older members, and the majority of veterans becoming lazy and somewhat indifferent toward recruitment and the betterment of the realm.

Previously, there had been numerous fighters, styles, and units within the realm to accommodate the different personalities and styles of new fighters (e.g. the Army, Heidoran, the Uruk-Hai, Dark Guard, Valdemar, etc.). Yet, some of these had died and others the total number of active members dropped drastically. Seeing this, Angel, Matthias, Horus, Shrike made a proactive step by creating a Numenor camp at Oktoberfest. It was to be open to any Numenorean, viz. those without units or other places to camp, which were all primarily newer fighters. During this event, they noticed that the new fighters, even after being taken around to other units, still wanted to train and fight alongside them.

So, they talked amongst themselves and decided that the void in the realm had to be filled: there had to be a place for people to learn and grow not only their own abilities (both on and off the field), but those of the realm. They debated the needs of Numenor and eventually decided that the best course of action would be to create a new unit. This unit's focus would be service to the realm via training new fighters and giving any Numenorean a place to call home. As faithful members to Numenor, they chose the name Dunedain after the "faithful" Numenoreans in Tolkien's books, who chose not to follow Sauron.

The group was designed to increase the waning numbers of fighters in the realm via service and training. All people in the realm (fighters and non-combatants) should have the ability to learn how to fight, how to craft, and most importantly how to continue the group. As the eldest and most experienced member, Angel, a squire at the time, was appointed to the lead the Dunedain as it's first Chieftain. Matthias and Horus were appointed the Dunedain's first Captains. Shrike was appointed as one of the Dunedain's first officers. It is unfortunate, that during the early stages of creating the unit, Horus and Strike felt that they would pursue another road; although, they still offered their aid when requested.


The Dunedain's colors are officially brown and green, although black is permitted for armor, pants, and other less-visible clothing. The unit symbol is Nimloth the Fair also known as the "White Tree of Numenor" with seven stars over its boughs. The center star is the 8-pointed Star of Numenor, which was chosen to show dedication to the Dunedain's home realm. The symbol may be different colors depending on the rank and status of the Ranger wearing it.

Tree Colors White denotes a new member silver marks a Ranger of two or more years the gold tree may only be worn by Officers

Silver Stars are for anyone who has brought two or more new members into the unit. Gold stars are reserved for one of a Commander rank or higher.

The Gray Company's heraldry replaces the brown of the original Numenorean branch with Gray. It denotes its honorary members and affiliated knights are given a belt favor with a white tree on a Gray background. Rangers have on with a black background and Fellows have one with the unit oath written on it.




High Commanders



Gray Company at BFTR X

Gray Companions

(subset of Rangers based in Northern California)

Fellows (Petitioners)

Honorary Members

Affiliated Knights

Affiliated War Master

Written knowledge test for petitioners to pass prior to earning full membership (5/6 on each section)


Testing includes knowing the majority of the rules and how to perform a basic weapon's check:

o Blue: O sword, mace, speed bat, Flail (___/16)

• Minimum weight of a blue weapon under 24 inches is ______

• For all other blue weapons it is_____

• Minimum combined length of safety padded and striking surface is_____

• Maximum total blue weapon length is ____

• The max weapon handle length is the greater of ______in. or 1/____the total weapon length for a blue.

• Max undingle-berried flail chain length is_____

• Max total max flail chain length is______

• The Head on a flail must be at least ________inches in circumference on its smallest axis.

• Max total length of a flail is _________

• The tip of a blue weapon may not readily pass more than ______inch through a _______inch circular hole, unless it has a _____________tip that is _______inches wide

• The pommel may not pass more than _____ through a _________inch circular hole

o red: O sword, O glaive ____/9

• minimum weight or a red weapon is ______

• The max handle length is ________ or 1/____the total weapon length for a red.

• Minimum length of a red weapon is ________

• Two unethical/unsafe shots with a red weapon are ______________________and ___________________________.

• Max flex on a red or blue weapon is ______________degrees.

• Red weapons may break _________ with ___solid shots.

o yellow: O bow, O arrows, O javelin (____/17)

• Max draw length on a Bow is ____inches and must be assured by use of a ______ _____, attached to the arrow shaft and usually made out of tape.

• Max weight of a bow at full legal draw is _____pounds.

• Arrows must have a _________ or ________ of equivalent _____________________ and gauge attached to the tip of the shaft.

• Javelins max length is_________, and minimum length is ____________

• Javelins maximum weight is _______ for bel and _______ for dag.

• A 5 foot javelin must travel ____ feet when thrown to be a legal throw/hit.

• A javelin must have a _________colored cover.

• An arrow must have _____ complete fletchings

• A blue strike to the hand holding a bow has what effect? __________________________________

• We test arrows at ______foot range and half draw in combat at ____foot range.

• Two unethical shots with a bow are

• •__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • • •__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • • •__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ •

o green: O spear, O sword, O dagger (___/11)

• Minimum weight of a spear/green is _______.

• A spear may not have a cover of what color? ________

• A forceful, 2-handed, green thrust to the chest of an armored opponent results in ________.

• Name 2 weapons that may or may not be green ___________________, __________________

• Name 4 weapons that Must be green__________,__________,__________,_____________

• Name one melee weapon that may never be green __________

• A javelin must flex no more than _______degrees.

o white: O rock (___/3)

• A rock must have a diameter of ___inches.

• A rock may never have a solid _______.

• A rock only counts if hits what target area _______________

o Grappling(___/7)

• Name 3 pieces of equipment disallow initiating a grapple ______, _________, ____________

• Name 2 that disallow being grappled.________, __________

• Name a body area that may not be grappled_________

• Unarmed strikes, or joint/nerve holds and ____________ are not allowed.

o armor: O leather, O chain, O plate(___/12)

• Rigid plastic safety equipment is treated as _________, for grappling purposes(excluding cups)

• A fighter in leather can grapple a fighter in ________ armor or heavier

• A fighter in Chain can grapple a fighter in ________ armor or heavier

• Number of blue strikes to take a limb covered in armor is_____

• Number of one handed red strikes to take a limb covered in armor is _____

• Number of two handed red strikes to take a limb covered in armor is______

• Name 3 area that may not have rigid metal armor ____________, ______________and ____________.

• What type of helmet is expressly forbidden in bel _________________________

• • explain The penny round rule( 2 points)

• •__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • •__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

o shields: O punch, O strap(___/6)

• the max width of a shield is_________

• The max height of a shield is _______ less than the wielder.

• The minimum width or height of a shield is ______

• A hand struck while holding a shield is counted as ____________________________

• Explain the taco rule. What language in the BoW justifies it?(2 points)

• • •__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ • • •__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Garb What are the 7 items expressly forbidden for garb?

• ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


The unit oath is.

To ______________________________________________


To _______________________________________________

To _______________________________________________

And To _______________________________________________

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