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Av Rausumea

Rausumea is like a family with the avs being the most integral members. This is compared to venn and fetteren Rausumea which represent brother and cousin respectively.

What is it specifically?

Av Rausumea, Norwegian meaning “of Rausumea” is a full breed or adopted member of the Household of Rausumea. All Av Rausumeans assume a speaking position on the Av Council. Av Rausumeans are responsible for coming up with tests for Venn Rausumeans to be promoted through the levels of Venn. Only Avs may have a vote about what happens in Rausumea.

How do I become one?

Most new members start with becoming a fetteren, or cousin of Rausumea. This requires the signatures of the Jarl, Goodi, or Domari along with three other Avs.

Next step is becoming a Venn, or brother of Rausumea. To become a Venn Rausumean and to eventually become an Av Rausumean you must quest. It is the Venn’s responsibility to ask different Avs to sponsor them with a quest. Each quest earns the Venn a rose on the sash they receive upon completion of their first quest. Once 7 quests are completed, the Venn will be approved to officially become an Av.

Rausumean's who have the status Av:

(1st Generation- Orginal Crew)

SirMADOG, Shub Felty, Gardetto, Yari Taki, Tarquinn, Zrn'norg, Giskard, Adrianna,

(2nd Generation- Back in the Day)

Asher Dusk, Ashling, Austinatous, Churmak, Gidron, Halfgrim (Ahh!!), Kincaid, Mercuria, Onika, Talic, Wuber,

(3rd Generation- Been around for a while)

Draken, Edgethrop, Glitz, Higlar, Q-Fa, Taren, Tethrin, Zale,

4th Generation (Noob)

Angus, Ayden, Gwain, Inioch

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